Action Research Electronic Reader
(Editor Dr. Ian Hughes)

The Action Research Electronic Reader is a book in progress. There is an on-line discussion space where you can read, respond to and add comments, or make suggestions for improvement. To contribute to discussion and debate, read any chapter then click here for the community of knowledge.


  1. Introduction Ian Hughes
  2. Action Inquiry David Tripp
  3. The history of action research Janet Masters
  4. Action research: Comparison with the concepts of ‘the reflective practitioner’ and ‘quality assurance’ Regina Hatten, Donna Knapp and Ruth Salonga
  5. Participatory action research: Getting the job done K.Seymour-Rolls & I. Hughes
  6. Planning your action research project  Ian Hughes & Ray William
  7. Acting and observing Ian Hughes
  8. How to Keep a research diary Ian Hughes
  9. Memos to myself: A tool to improve reflection during an action research project Shankar Sankaram
  10. Focus group interviews in qualitative research - a review of the literature M. Lewis
  11. Can action research be made more rigorous in a positivist sense? The contribution of an iterative approach Nereu F. Kock Jr. , Robert J. McQueen and John L. Scott
  12. Action research in Finland Marjatta Palmu
  13. Using participatory action research in a local government setting Jenny Aimers
  14. Koori action research in community health Ian Hughes, Priscilla Goolagong, Freidoon Khavarpour & Cherry Russell
  15. Validity and Action Research: An Online Conversation  Judith M. Newman with Shankar Sankaran, Brian Murphy, Jack Whitehead, Bob Dick, Pam Swepson, John O'Brien, Dina Boogaard and Pat D'Arcy
  16. Glossary
  17. Links to Readings on-line: