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National Standards for Teaching the High School Psychology Course

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Peer Review of Teaching: An Overview
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Scientific Misconduct
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   A Student's Guide to Careers in the Helping Professions

Melissa J. Himelein
University of North Carolina at Asheville

This 45-page document describes 15 helping professions both within and outside psychology.


Position Opening: Professor--Is College Teaching a Career You Should Consider? (1992)

Lisa Grey-Shellberg, Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Pat Williams and David Cole

Career advisement brochure for use with undergraduates

What Departments and Faculty Can Do To Assist Their Undergraduate Students with Their Graduate School Planning (1990)

Patricia Keith-Spiegel (3 pp.) 


 Compendium of Introductory Psychology Texts

 updated   A Compendium of Introductory Psychology Texts (2002)
Cynthia S. Koenig & Richard A. Griggs (University of Florida)

Introductory psychology instructors have a wide variety of textbook choices. Typically more than 15 or so revised or new texts appear annually. Becoming and remaining familiar with the array of introductory texts is a formidable task. To assist you in the introductory textbook review and selection process, we now offer at this link a compendium of all full-length and brief introductory psychology texts published from 1999 through 2002. This is the fourthannual update of this valuable resource.

 Course Syllabi

[Project Syllabus] IconProject Syllabus

This constitutes a collection of more than 80 refereed syllabi in a variety of undergraduate and graduate psychology courses. These syllabi come in both "printed" and Web-based form. Please go to the separate Project Syllabus page to download individual syllabi. This page provides a master list of all syllabi found here or linked from OTRP Online.

 Database - Teaching of Psychology

Database--Teaching of Psychology (2000, updated annually)

David Johnson

Allows you to locate quickly articles of specific interest such as classroom activities and course descriptions published in the Society's journal, Teaching of Psychology, between 1974 and 1999.

 Diversity and Cross-Cultural Issues


Incorporating Genocide, Ethnopolitical Conflict, and Human Rights Issues Into the Psychology Curriculum:
Informational Resources (2000)

Linda M. Woolf, Webster University

 This 27-page document contains two annotated bibliographies of materials on genocide, ethnopolitical conflict, and human rights issues written from a psychosocial perspective. The first bibliography includes major journal articles, book chapters, books, and Internet resources on these issues organized by topic. The second bibliography is comprised of reference materials for background information and further study. In addition, there is an annotated list of relevant journals.


Incorporating Genocide, Ethnopolitical Conflict, and Human Rights Issues Into the Psychology Curriculum:
Instructional Resources (2000)

Linda M. Woolf, Webster University

This 32-page document consists of resource materials for developing whole courses and lectures on genocide, ethnopolitical conflict, and human rights issues. For incorporating specific topics into existing courses, lecture suggestions and selected references are given. For developing and revising whole courses, sample syllabi are provided. In addition, lists of relevant videotapes, Web sites, Internet discussion lists, and professional organizations are included.



  Expanding the Psychology Curriculum: An Annotated Bibliography on Diversity in Psychology (Revised, 1998)

Developed by the APA Board of Educational Affair's Task Force on Diversity Issues at the Precollege and Undergraduate Levels of Education in Psychology: A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert * (senior author), University of Illinois; Ruth E. Fassinger, University of Maryland; Joseph J. Horvat, Jr., Weber State University; Joe Lamas, G. H. Braddock High School; Linda R. Mona, Veterans' Affairs, Palo Alto Health Care System; John N. Moritsugu, Pacific Lutheran University; and Carole E. Wade (Task Force chair), Dominican College of San Rafael. (47 pp.)



Including Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students on Campus: A Short Annotated Reading List (1994)

Burrton Woodruff for the Society's Task Force on Diversity (6 pages) 

 Teaching Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology

   Informational Resources for Teaching Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology
G. William Hill, IV, Kennesaw State University (9 pages)

   Activities and Videos for Teaching Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology (1998)
G. William Hill, IV, Kennesaw State University (21 pages)

Electronic Databases of Professional Literature

An Instructor's Guide to Electronic Databases of Indexed Professional Literature
(1999 OTRP Instructional Research Award)

Kidd, S., Meyer, C. L., & Olesko, B. M., Wright State University (2000)


This document reviews 20 databases that are relevant to psychology but that are used primarily by professionals in other disciplines. Each database is described, any corresponding paper index is indicated, searching tips are provided, and, when available, free Internet access sites are identified.

 Ethical Issues in Teaching

Ethical Issues in Teaching and Academic Life: Annotated Bibliography* (revised, 1993)

Patricia Keith-Spiegel and Kimberly Carr (6 pp.)


The Ethics of Teaching: A Casebook (1994)

Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Arno F. Wittig, David V. Perkins, Deborah Ware Balogh, and Bernard E. Whitley, Jr.

Contains 164 cases with detailed analyses; covers many aspects of academia, focusing on student-professor relationships and "grayer" areas where ethics committees and policies often cannot reach; suitable for teaching workshops, TA and GA training, continuing education, and faculty development.

  Hosting a Student Psychology Conference

How To Host A Student Psychology Conference at Your College
A Model from the National Office of Psi Beta*

Donna Stuber-McEwen, Friends University; Jerry Rudmann, Irvine Valley College; Robin Hailstorks, Prince George's Community College; and Robbye Nesmith, Navarro College (1999) (38 pp.)


Introductory Psychology: Resources

A Web-based Manual of Online Resources for Experimental Content in Introductory Psychology* (2001)
(1999 Instructional Resource Award Winner)

Stephen J. Misovich (Hillyer College, The University of Hartford)

This website provides a psychology manual of web links and associated discussion questions for the following topics in psychology: biological psychology, sensation and perception, learning, motivation and emotion, states of consciousness, and memory.    



See, also, A Compendium of Introductory Psychology Texts (2002)
Cynthia S. Koenig & Richard A. Griggs (University of Florida)


  Letters of Recommendation

Writing Letters of Recommendation for Students: How to Protect Yourself from Liability* (1991)

Elizabeth V. Swenson and Patricia Keith-Spiegel (3 pp.) 


National Standards for High School Psychology

National Standards for the Teaching of High School Psychology

American Psychological Association
Task Force for the Development of National High School Psychology Standards

The Education Directorate of APA has placed the Standards online at this link.

(Note that the Standards document was not produced by OTRP or STP/Division 2.
However, OTRP is citing this link here to foster the dissemination of these important standards.)


Goals and Objectives for the Undergraduate Psychology Major: Recommendations from a Meeting of California State University Psychology Faculty

Mary J. Allen, Richard Noel, and Jess Deegan, California State University, Bakersfield; Diane Halpern and
Cynthia Crawford, California State University, San Bernardino (2000)


Peer Reveiw of Teaching

Peer Review of Teaching: An Overview

Baron Perlman & Lee I. McCann, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (1998)

Preparing Posters Using PowerPoint™

Guidelines for Preparing Posters
Using PowerPoint™ Presentation Software

Pam J. Marek, Anderson College; Andrew N.Christopher, Albion College;
& Cynthia S. Koenig, University of Florida (2001)


 Publication & Award Opportunities for Undergraduates

Publication and Award Opportunities for Undergraduate Students* (1998)

Norine L. Jalbert (6 pp.)


 Scientific Misconduct

Scientific Misconduct: An Annotated Bibliography of Articles Selected for Their Lecture Development Value (1994)

Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Keith Aronson, and Michelle Bowman (7 pp.) 


Sensitizing Undergraduate Students to the Nature, Causes, Scope, and Consequences of Research Fraud: Preliminary Report (1993)

Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Howard Lee, Robin Zinn-Monroe, and Gary Brian Spiegel (6 pp.)