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Esoteric Psychology I - Section One - II. Certain Questions and their Answers
Thus we have studied a little the work of the seven rays. The teaching has had to be conveyed symbolically and its understanding necessitates an awakened esoteric sense; to comprehend it all is not as yet possible.

The Chohans of the sixth initiation have the guidance of those units of consciousness in whom their particular ray vibration and color predominate. The vast importance of this fact is often overlooked, even when theoretically acknowledged by aspirants to initiation. Hence the importance of determining the ray of the ego and of the Monad, - something of vital moment after the third initiation. A majority and a minority always exist in every department of life. So it is in the work of the Logos, for at the end of the greater cycle (manvantara) the majority will find their way to the synthetic love ray; a small minority will find their way to the power ray. This minority are destined for an important function. They will constitute the nucleus which (in the next solar system) will constitute the majority, finding their synthesis on ray one. This is a great mystery and not easily understood. [88] Some hint towards its solution will be found hidden in the real meaning of the words "exoteric" and "esoteric."

The fact should be remembered that only five rays dominate at any one time. All manifest, but only five dominate. A distinction should be made between the rays dominating in a solar system and those dominating in a scheme, or a chain. To this reference has been made in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Three rays out of the seven synthesize. One ray out of the three will synthesize at the culmination. For the first solar system the third ray was the synthetic ray, but for this solar system the second ray is the synthetic ray, and for the next solar system the first ray will perform a similar function.

Two rays are largely the goal of human endeavor, the first ray and the second ray. One ray is the goal of the deva or angel evolution, the third ray. All these three rays contact the two poles, and the attainment of the goal at the end of the cycle marks the achievement of the solar Logos. This again is hidden in mystery. The seventh ray and the first ray are very closely allied, with the third ray linking them, so that we have the relation expressed thus, - 1. 3. 7. There is a close association also between rays 2. 4. 6., with the fifth ray in a peculiar position, as a central point of attainment, the home of the ego or soul, the embodied plane of mind, the point of consummation for the personality, and the reflection in the three worlds of the threefold monad.

  • Ray I - Will, demonstrating as power in the unfolding of the Plan of the Logos.
  • Ray III - Adaptability of activity with intelligence. This ray was the dominant one in the past solar system; it is the foundation or basis of this system, and is controlled by the Mahachohan.
  • Ray VII - Ceremonial ritual or organization. This is the reflection on the physical plane of the two above, and is likewise connected with the Mahachohan. It controls [89] the elemental forces and the involutionary process and the form side of the three kingdoms in nature. It holds hid the secret of physical color and sound. It is the law.

These three rays together embrace and embody all. They are Power, Activity and the Law in manifestation.

  • Ray II - Love and Wisdom, the synthetic ray which is the goal for this system, holding all in close harmony and relation.
  • Ray IV - The expression of Harmony, beauty, music and unity.
  • Ray VI - The ray of Devotion to the ardor of aspiration, and of the sacrifice of the personal self for the good of all, with the object in view of harmony and beauty, impelled thereto by love.

These two groups of rays might be related to each other as follows:

  • Rays 1. 3. 7 are the great rays connected with the form, with the evolutionary process, with the intelligent functioning of the system, and with the laws controlling the life in all forms in all the kingdoms in nature.
  • Rays 2. 4. 6 are the rays connected with the inner life, expanding through those forms, - the rays of motive, aspiration and sacrifice. Rays pre-eminently of quality.
  • Rays 1. 3. 7 deal with things concrete and with the functioning of matter and form from the lowest plane to the highest.
  • Rays 2. 4. 6 deal with things abstract, with spiritual expression through the medium of form.
  • Ray 5 forms the connecting link of the intelligence.
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