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Games & Simulations

In comparison to Zero Sum Games which are strictly competative, mixed motive games involve both competition and cooperation. Situations calling for both competive and cooperative strategies are the more prevelent in everday life. The study of basic social processes is thus best approached from the perspective of a mixed motive environment, but a classic example of the zero sum situation is included here for purposes of contrast and comparison.

Coalition Formation In what important ways do two person groups differ from three person groups, and under what conditions are people most likely to form coalitions with others? Find out for yourself in this simulation.

Learning Processes Some psychologists claim we learn by trial and error, gradually coming to associate stimulus and response with one another. Others say we learn by insight, since solutions can occur spontaneously without conscious deliberation. Study your behavior on this problem solving task.

Mixed Motive Game 1: Social Exchange Play this game with sociologist George Casper Homans and learn how norms of cooperation can evolve among self-interested individuals even under conditions of anarchy.

Zero Sum Game: Tic-tac-toe Play against the computer or another person.

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