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When your company is growing rapidly, finding the time to develop train your people. Our accelerated learning train the trainer programmes will prepare you to deliver more training in less time and generate measurable, bottom line results. All of our programmes are offered as internal company sessions that can be customized to fit your industry and corporate culture. We also offer some of our programmes as public workshops in Asia.

Group Size = 4 +

This unique, simulation is based on a tropical resort, trainers will experience the impact of accelerated learning. After they learn about accelerated learning by exploring our resort, each participant will have an opportunity to "spice up" their own material (4-6 overheads, 4 - 6 page handout or short module).

Group Size = 12 +

An upbeat accelerated learning sesison that will give you a chance to sample the ingredients you'll need to cater to diverse learning styles. Our time together will be like a visit to a bright and colourful Jamaican bakery. We'll use the metaphor of a bakery to explore how you can "spice up" your training by ideintifying and catering to diverse learning styles.

Group Size = 4 - 8

During high growth, employees have to "spin on a dime", juggle multiple priorities and produce results in teams. This interactive session equip your team with the skills to manage time in today's demanding corporate environment.

Group Size = 4 - 8

When faced with the demands of high growth, many team leaders forget the basics of coaching which they have learned through sports and hobbies. This hands-on session explores coaching as a natural process. Through a series of simulations, participants discover that they already know the basics and learn to apply them to business situations.

Partecipa ad un T-Group: la pił potente tecnica inventata dalle scienze sociali del XX secolo