For each of the following questions, indicate if the statement definitely does not describe you (1), if the statement does not describe you (2), if the statement may describe you (3), if the statement describes you (4), or if the statement definitely describes you (5). Note that questions are arranged in pairs.

Your scores for parts "a" and "b" of each question must add up to 5.

This definitely is not me!
This is not me.
This may be me.
This is me.
This is definitely me!

1a. _____ Generally, I make decisions after finding out what others think.

1b. _____ Generally, I make decisions without consulting others.

2a. _____ Genarally, I prefer being called imaginative or intuitive.

2b. _____ Generally, I prefer being called factual and accurate.

3a. _____ Generally, I make decisions about people based on available data and systematic analysis of situations.

3b. _____ Generally, I make decisions about people based on empathy, feelings, and understanding of their needs and values.

4a. _____ Generally, I allow commitments to occur if others want to make them.

4b. _____ Generally, I push for definite commitments to ensure they are made.

5a. _____ Generally, I am quiet, thoughtful, and like time alone.

5b. _____ Generally, I am active, energetic, and like other people around me.

6a. _____ Generally, I prefer using methods I know will get the job done.

6b. _____ Generally, I prefer to think of new methods to do tasks.

7a. _____ Generally, I draw conclusions based on unemotional and careful step-by-step analysis.

7b. _____ Generally, I draw conclusions based on what I feel and believe based on past experience.

8a. _____ Generally, I avoid making deadlines.

8b. _____ Generally, I set a schedule and stick to it.

9a. _____ Generally, I have inner thoughts and feelings that others don't see.

9b. _____ Generally, I prefer activities that involve others along with me.

10a. _____ Generally, I prefer the abstract or theoretical.

10b. _____ Generally, I prefer the concrete or real.

11a. _____ Generally, I like to help others explore their feelings.

11b. _____ Generally, I like to help others make logical decisions.

12a. _____ Generally, I communicate little about my inner feelings and thinking.

12b. _____ Generally, I communicate my inner thoughts and feelings freely.

13a. _____ Generally, I plan ahead.

13b. _____ Generally, I prefer to "wing it" at the last minute.

14a. _____ Generally, I like to meet new people.

14b. _____ Generally, I like to be alone or with one person.

15a. _____ Generally, I like ideas.

15b. _____ Generally, I like facts.

16a. _____ Generally, I prefer convictions based on personal thoughts.

16b. _____ Generally, I prefer verifiable conclusions based on facts.

17a. _____ Generally, I use appointment books and notes to myself as much as necessary.

17b. _____ Generally, I do not use appointment books or notes except when I must.

18a. _____ Generally, I am precise and lay out a detailed plan of action.

18b. _____ Generally, I like to design plans but do not feel I have to carry them out.

19a. _____ Generally, I prefer to do things on the spur of the moment.

19b. _____ Generally, I like to know in advance what I am expected to do.

20a. _____ Generally, I prefer emotional situations, discussion, and movies.

20b. _____ Generally, I prefer analytical situations where I can use my ability.


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