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Welcome to the Eden-Comp Company (ECC) Eliza interactive program. ECC-Eliza is the most powerful version of Eliza ever! ECC-Eliza is a computer psychologist program, which attempts to hold a high-level English conversation with the user. To be more precise, ECC-Eliza is the best chatterbot program available today, and has a special plus – it’s a psychologist!

The program is named ECC-Eliza because it was originally based on the foundations of the first-ever chatting program, developed at MIT by Joseph Weisenbaum, you can read more about the history of such Eliza-programs below.

This current version belongs to the 4th generation of ECC-Eliza (hence the version number), which started with ECC-Eliza V4.06. The 4th generation of the program brought to major changes in every aspect of the program. Everything you could think about has been improved, and the bottom line, which is Eliza’s ability to hold a proper conversation with any human being, has been improved miraculously.

Aside from innumerable Artificial Intelligence related improvements to the 4th generation versions, the new generation also features a re-written code and engine, supporting MMX and SSE processor extensions that bring to a great performance improvement. In addition, the loading time has been diminished and program’s stability has improved to a maximum.

ECC-Eliza is freeware and may be downloaded here. There are also options for registered versions, which are personalized with the name and settings of your very own choice. Click here for additional information about it. Other than that, this version is totally identical and may be used freely and without a limit.

Download ECC-Eliza

ECC-Eliza is a DOS program and works well under any version of Windows using the PIF file included.

However, in order to extract the self-extractable archive you will need a 32-bit Windows OS.

Please note, that you must read and agree to all of the technical terms found within the README.EXE file before using ECC-Eliza.

ECC-Eliza is archived, you may download the following file:

ECCELIZA.TXT  (179KB). This is a self-extractable for Windows-based operating systems. In order to use it you will have to rename it to an EXE extension instead of the TXT extension, otherwise it will not be executed. Make sure the file name is renamed to ECCELIZA.EXE and not ECCELIZA.EXE.TXT.

How to rename the file under Windows: After downloading ECCELIZA.TXT, right-click on it in My Computer, Windows Explorer, or similar. Then choose “Rename” from the pop-up menu, and type ECCELIZA.EXE in the prompt. If necessary, please acknowledge this change. After that, simply double-click on the file and install it. Prior to that, make sure that your Windows OS does not hide file extensions. Go to Control Panel -> Folder Options (or alternatively under My Computer->Tools), click the View tab, and uncheck ‘hide extensions for known file types’.

This archived file includes:

                   - ECCELIZA.EXE – Executable program file (ECC-Eliza V4.09).
                   - ELIZA.DAT – Program’s data file.
                   - README.EXE – Executable help file (within a DOS viewer).
                   - HOW-WRKS.TXT – “How Works?”: updated documentation on all technical sides of ECC-Eliza.
                   - ECCELIZA.PIF – Executable file for Windows.
                   - EHISDAT.DAT in HISTORY folder – Data file containing logging information.

Beginner's Introduction -What is Eliza?

Eliza is was the first psychologist program in the world, and in fact, the first program that allowed a human to converse with a computer. It used Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to try and imitate a real human psychologist. Joseph Weisenbaum at MIT was the head of that project in 1967. It used an algorithm called CBR, or case based reasoning. The original Eliza program and all the ones who followed it were mostly crappy little programs, which would repeat themselves after a few minutes of conversation. Another problem was their very limited understanding of the user's replies. All in all, those attempts were quite futile, but they did in fact lay the foundations for modern more advanced AI programs.
Continue reading the next paragraph if you want to know what difference this version is.

Is ECC-Eliza better than previous Eliza versions?

Extremely better, ECC-Eliza is actually a completely rewritten version of Eliza. The source has been rewritten from scratch in modern Pascal and Assembly (combined). A totally new data file that contains all the language information was made and is about 80 times larger (yes, eighty) than data files of all other Eliza versions. ECC-Eliza also features very powerful new algorithms that were not being used in previous versions, in order to filter the user's text and to emphasize the important points of a sentence. ECC-Eliza also keeps track of the kind of conversation it is running, and quickly "learns" the user, using a new advanced feature called Advanced Flags. Other mechanisms allow Eliza to design its replies in accordance to the user’s input, and a huge vocabulary list allows for even greater understanding. Other advanced algorithms take care of all the rest, and allow for a very diverse conversation using Fuzzy Logic. Moreover, ECC-Eliza replies very relevant replies. Add to that it's easy-to-use interface, great modularity, and constant updates that include additions, bug fixes, and improvements - and you get the very best in Artificial Intelligence.

Why speak to ECC-Eliza?

Using ECC-Eliza is great fun. At first you will be amazed by how smart ECC-Eliza is, that is, how smart your computer is!
It may even really solve your problems, and the amount of kinds of replies it can say is comes to many thousands. Eliza understands your text well and usually replies very relative replies. Even if you don't intend to use it, as far as we are concerned, 500KB can't do any harm to your computer.

What is the purpose of ECC-Eliza?

ECC-Eliza started as a small project for simulating the abilities of Artificial Intelligence. At first, it was not intended to be available for the public, but over time, as the project grew and more and more people became aware of it, we decided to release it freely over the Internet.

Currently, we continue to develop new versions of the program, with a goal of simply making it better all the time. In the future we plan on rewriting the entire program to a new Windows-based interface, and incorporate audio and graphics into it. In the meantime we continue to enhance and release more advanced versions of ECC-Eliza’s 4th generation. This is a nonprofit project as of now.

Tips & Tricks:

Many tips and tricks for use with Eliza are included in the help file you get when you download ECC-Eliza.

Minimal System Requirements for ECC-Eliza V4.09:

-         Any 32-bit processor with an FPU (486DX or better).

-         DOS/Windows operating system.

Recommended System Requirements for ECC-Eliza V4.09:

 - Pentium III processor (or any other supporting MMX and SSE extensions).
 - Windows 98 or Millennium.
 - 32 MB RAM.

Recent news and changes:

New to version 4.09:
- Improved all compatibility issues and bugs when using the program under Windows XP, 2000, and NT Operating Systems.
- Changes should not take effect when using the program on other OS's.
- Different changes and improvements to data file and code.

New to version 4.08:
- Removed all build-in replies from executable and placed them into new categories in the data file. This allows for much improved modularity and the incorporation of Advanced Flags into those categories. These new categories are called “fixed categories”. An error message notifies you if one or more of them are missing in the data file.
- Enhanced processing model. Eliza will never repeat a reply from a category, unless all other replies of that category have been used, to avoid any chance of repetition.
- Added reserved flag changes to data file. The values of flags 90 through 127 are now changed automatically for improved control over AF.
- Added parameter @ for calling a new discussion subject from within the data file, and a parameter to call the program’s version number.
- Added parameter ~ for calling an old discussion subject from within the new corresponding fixed category in the data file.
- Renamed a few categories and parameters in the data file, and disabled the unnecessary P field.
- Addition to I (if) field, the second parameter could now also be “/”, which means NOT equal to.
- Many language recognition and processing enhancements.
- Visual and technical changes and improvements when choosing to restart with a new patient.
- Improved and optimized routines, and other general fixed and additions (including a newly discovered variable-reply bug).
- Upgraded data file with all of the new categories, including many different fixes, additions, and improved Advanced Flags.

A list of additions for older versions is specified in the help file.

Did you find a bug or have an improvement suggestion?

ECC-Eliza is in continual development. Whenever a bug has been found, or a new idea for improvement has been thought of, a new version will be made to include the changes.
If you have any realistic ideas for an improvement (converting it to Unix is not realistic), or if you've found a bug - please report it to us via E-Mail.

Registration- What about that?

ECC-Eliza is freeware, which means that you may use and distribute it freely as long as you don't modify it in any way.

However, if you are interested in a more personalized version of ECC-Eliza, that is certainly possible.
You may get the normal ECC-Eliza program dedicated to anyone you want, or you may get your version of ECC-Eliza with any modifications you are interested in. It is also possible to get a totally personalized version, with any personality and identification you want.

A dedicated version costs only 8 US Dollars (registered version).

You may also receive the next 5 versions of ECC-Eliza dedicated to anyone you want for only 16 US Dollars (all versions will be registered).

A personalized version with your special requests and dedicated to anyone you want costs only 22 US Dollars.
You may also drop the author and company's name out of that.

And finally, a specialized version is available which hosts a virtual being of your choice with the characteristics and name you choose. It may be dedicated to anyone you wish, the author and company's name will not appear in it (if you are interested). The price is 50 US Dollars.

For more registration information, or for ordering matters, feel free to

ECC-Eliza – The future of the project

2003 hasn’t been a year with much of progress made on the project, we as always promised ECC-Eliza will never be deserted!

Our current plans are to release a new version with some small improvements in the near future, mainly improvements to the data file we received from feedback of our users, which is you! So please continue sending us feedback with your suggestions for improvements.

We do plan to get to work on it more seriously during the Spring of 2004, and to released a new and much improved sometimes during the Summer of 2004. As we have mentioned before, our big plan is releasing a totally new and updated version including advanced visual effects and multimedia designed for a Windows platform. This project is currently under early development stages and is planned for initial release in Late 2005. The full product will probably be released during 2006.

Enough talking about years to come… In the meantime remember to visit this site, as updated will be arriving soon, and as always, its worth waiting for!

Enjoy the program and feel free to distribute it freely in its original package (the ZIP or self-extractable file).


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Download ECC-Eliza V4.09   (SETUP 145 KB)


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