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Matching Activity: Artists and Their Works

Cut & Color
  Mini Holiday Box
  Original American Flag
  Butterflies Galore
  Create Your Own Pictures
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Dot to Dot
  Garden Creature

Family Fun
  Parts of Speech Through Poetry

Famous People
  Madame Walker

  Pizza Time Chart
  Letter from the Teacher
  Field Trip Permission Form
  School Forms Tool Kit
  Bus Change Form

Fun and Games
Harry Potter Fun and Games
Harry Potter Pet Connect
My Day at the Circus
Gold Medal
Oceans of Fun
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  What's Wrong -- Kitchen Game

  Genealogy Forms
  Family Tree
  Family Group Sheet
  Personal Culture Wheel Directions

Get Organized
  Contact Logs
  Did I Remember... Checklist
  Homework Completion Chart
  Homework Behavior Plan

Grades 6-8
  Persuasive Devices
  Sentence Endings

Halloween Fun
  Party Invitations
  Haunted Maze
  Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

  Millennium Celebration
  Millennium Maze

Notes & Rewards for Kids
Lunchbox Love Notes
Lunchbox Love Notes
Certificates of Achievement
Honey Lunchbox Note
First Time Writing Name
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Reading and Writing
Bookmark for Mom
All About My Day
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Coloring Pages
Charlotte's Web Word Search
Bookmarks -- Reading is Fun
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School Subjects
  Summer Learning Problem-Solvers

  Word Fun: Dinner

Travel Fun
  Travel Games for the Road
  License Plate Scavenger Hunt

Word Scramble
  Poetry Scramble
  Word Scramble: Sports History
  Inventions of the Millennium

Word Search
Harry Potter Word Search
Happy Birthday!
Money Word Search
Fresh Fruit Word Search
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