The Educative Community: Linking the Community, Education, and Family


Roger Hiemstra

(Third Edition) Baldwinsville, New York HiTree Press Copyright 1982, 1997 by: Roger Hiemstra (Updated in 2000) Copyright 1972 by: Professional Educators Publications, Lincoln, Nebraska

Preface (Introductory Comments)

The Author (Description of Author)

Chapter One: The Nature of the Community

  • What is a Community?
  • The Changing Community
  • Why Should You Know Your Community

Chapter Two: Activation of the Educative Community

  • Changes Required in the Educational System
  • The Status of the K-12 System
  • The Status of Adult Education
  • Decentralizing Educational Decision-Making
  • Developing a Sense of Community
  • Activating the Entire Community
  • Appendix 2-A: Knowing Your Community
  • Appendix 2-B: Supplemental Possibilities

Chapter Three: The Community School

  • The Community School--Center of Community Education
  • The Community School--Past and Present
  • The Administration of Community Schools
  • Utilizing the Community School
  • Appendix 3-A: Community School Schedules

Chapter Four: Educational Needs of the Modern Family

  • The Changing Family Structure
  • The Family's Role in Child-Rearing
  • The Family and the School
  • The School in Family and Community Problem-Solving
  • The Next Step--Intergenerational Programming
  • Appendix 4-A: A Needs Assessment Model
  • Appendix 4-B: Selected Intergenerational Examples

Chapter Five: Community Coordination and Cooperation

  • The Need for Coordination and Cooperation
  • Coordinating Educational Programs
  • Building Communication Patterns
  • Establishing a Central Coordinating Agency
  • Functions of a Central Coordinating Agency
  • Appendix 5-A: Inter-Agency Referral Potential

Chapter Six: Processes for Community Change

  • Analyzing Community Problems
  • Strategies for Achieving Change
  • Knowing and Using the Community
  • Models of Community Change
  • Appendix 6-A: Power Structure Analysis Methodologies
  • Appendix 6-B: Data Collection Techniques
  • Appendix 6-C: Community Study Indices
  • Appendix 6-D: Community Report Guidelines
  • Appendix 6-E: Model Building Questions

Chapter Seven: Community Investments in Education

  • Examining Investments in Education
  • A Proper Combination of Investments in Education
  • Implications for Community Investment in Education

Chapter Eight: Higher Education and the Community Role of Higher Education

  • Resources of the University
  • Tripartite Functions and the Community
  • New Functions To Consider
  • Developing New Community Theory