Mix It Up: educazione alla tolleranza


The Mix It Up program supports the efforts of students who are willing to take on the challenge of identifying, questioning and crossing social boundaries in their schools and communities.
On November 21, 2002, more than 200,000 students across the country took a step toward breaking down those barriers, when they participated in the first Mix It Up at Lunch Day. They sat somewhere new, with someone new in their school cafeterias.
This activity booklet contains lessons created by teachers for Mix It Up programs in their schools.
The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Study Circles Resource Center joined forces to create Mix It Up.
The Southern Poverty Law Center combats hatred and intolerance in the U.S. through education, investigation and litigation. Its Tolerance.org project supports anti-bias activism through online advocacy and outreach. The Teaching Tolerance program provides educators with free materials that promote tolerance in the classroom and beyond.
The Study Circles Resource Center is dedicated to finding ways for all kinds of people to engage in problem solving on critical social and political issues. It provides tools to help people organize productive dialogue, recruit participants from all walks of life, find solutions and work for action\ and change.
For additional activities ideas, log onto www.mixitup.org/teachers

Activity Booklet For the Middle and Upper Grades .pdf 135 Kb (qui oppure richiedi sotto)
Activity Booklet For the Early Grades .pdf 131 Kb (qui oppure richiedi sotto) .pdf 131 Kb
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