Cover Materials

  1. Cover Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction

Part 1: Organization Building-in-General

Chapter I. Leadership skills

  1. Effective Leadership
  2. Leadership for the Situation
  3. Motivation and Leadership
  4. Working with Volunteers

Chapter II. Leadership Roles

  1. The Chairperson's Strategy
  2. Roles and Responsibilities of Directors and Executives
  3. Representing your Organization by being a Delegate

Chapter III. Communication Skills

  1. Communicate with Confidence
  2. Keeping your Ears Open

Chapter IV. Communications Techniques

  1. Tips on Conference Calls
  2. Writing a Speech
  3. Giving a Speech

Chapter V. Dealing with Change

  1. Understanding Change
  2. Collaborate for Success
  3. From Conflict to Cooperation

Chapter VI. Decision Making

  1. Seven Steps to Making Decisions
  2. Techniques used in Problem-Solving
  3. Group Problem-Solving

Chapter VII. Effective Meetings

  1. Effective Meetings

Chapter VIII. Conducting Business in a Meeting

  1. Guidelines for Conducting Business in a Meeting

Chapter IX. Effective Committees

  1. Effective Committees

Chapter X. Community Activities and Projects

  1. Promoting your Organization’s Activities
  2. Building Community Support for your Project

Chapter XI. Promotional Tools

  1. Free advertising for your organization
  2. Writing Press Releases
  3. Maintaining a Web Presence

Chapter XI1. Program Planning

  1. Program Planning for Organizations

Part 2: Organization Building For Metis