Volume 4 Issue 3

Wander Jager, Roel Popping and Hans van de Sande
Clustering and Fighting in Two-party Crowds: Simulating the Approach-avoidance Conflict

Loet Leydesdorff
Technology and Culture: the Dissemination and the Potential 'Lock-in' of New Technologies Applied Simulation Analysis
Guest editor: Andreas Pyka Editorial introduction Michael Möhring and Klaus G. Troitzsch Lake Anderson Revisited by Agents Wolfgang Kerber and Nicole J. Saam

Competition as a Test of Hypotheses: Simulation of Knowledge-generating Market Processes Günter Haag and Philipp Liedl Modelling and Simulating Innovation Behaviour within Micro-based Correlated Decision Processes Thomas Brenner

Simulating the Evolution of Localised Industrial Clusters - An Identification of the Basic Mechanisms
Nigel Gilbert, Andreas Pyka and Petra Ahrweiler Innovation Networks

A Simulation Approach Franco Malerba, Richard Nelson, Luigi Orsenigo and Sidney Winter

History-Friendly models: An overview of the case of the Computer Industry Uwe Cantner, Bernd Ebersberger, Horst Hanusch, Jens J. Krüger and Andreas Pyka

Empirically Based Simulation: The Case of Twin Peaks in National Income Forum Kai-H. Brassel

Flexible Modelling with VSEit, the Versatile Simulation Environment for the Internet Yvonne Haffner and Stefan Gramel

Modelling Strategies for Water Supply Companies to Deal with Nitrate Pollution Reviews Neural Networks: An Introductory Guide for Social Scientists G. David Garson Reviewed by Daniel John Zizzo

How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature and Informatics Katherine Hayles Reviewed by David Byrne

Virtual Worlds: Synthetic Universes, Digital Life and Complexity Edited by Jean-Claude Heudin Reviewed by L. Douglas Kiel

Dynamics in Human and Primate Societies: Agent-Based Modeling of Social and Spatial Processes Edited by Timothy A. Kohler and George J. Gumerman Reviewed by David L. Sallach