New Civilization

The game of the new civilization is about creating a new civilization that works better. A civilization where people can be free to make their own choices, where few power hungry men no longer control society, where cooperation and harmony replaces suppression and war, where self-sufficiency and independence replaces fragile, centralized monopolies. A civilization where people know and look for themselves, rather than accepting the fear and ignorance they are being fed. A civilization where everybody can get access to abundant resources, rather than being kept in perpetual scarcity and survival mode.

That sounds very big, of course. And maybe overly idealistic. However, it starts with simple day-to-day, grass-roots activity. All you really need to do is to make choices in your daily life and to network with other people who increase your ability to choose and who have other pieces of the puzzle than you might hold.

For one person it is probably overwhelming to try to change society. It seems so big and complicated and impossible to understand, so it seems easier to just go with the system and do what you are expected to do, and just live within the little cubicle of space that has been alloted to you. But there are billions of people here who would like society to work and who have mainly good and constructive intentions. There really are very few people who want anything else.

One way of being able to contribute to a new cilization is to divide up the job, to break it down, and to concentrate on a part of it that you are most interested in, and then to network with others who do other parts. The text New Civilization Game by my friend, the late Bill Robertson, suggests an organizational plan dividing the necessary elements of a civilization into logical sub-divisions. Something like that might make it easier to face the job.

Simply by looking for and connecting up with free alternatives in the different areas of civilization you are thereby creating a NEW Civilization. Instead of choosing the old, limiting, centrally controlled, complex and confusing way, you choose a free, self-controlled alternative that gives you more choice and enjoyment.

It doesn't take a revolution to change the world. All you need to do is to feed energy to the way you want things to be, and not to the way you don't want things to be. In thought and action, put your energy, money, speech and work where they will serve the best purpose. It doesn't take a big fight or struggle, it just takes the day-to-day action of choosing the New Civilization over the Old Civilization.

Remember: there is no rule that says you have to play by the existing rules.

All this is not necessarily a hard, serious effort. It might just as well be fun and enjoyable.

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