The following list of journals is derived from the ICAAP online journals database. Resources listed here are full text, freely available, peer reviewed (in most cases) scholarly journals.

This free database service is intended to raise the profile of independent scholarly journals on the internet by providing sophisticated data access to journal resources. The creation of this database is the first step towards the provision of quality full text indexing and search services for independent journals.

An E-Journal of Culture Studies
Una Revista Electrónica De Estudios Culturales Del Departamento de Letras De La Universidad de Guadalajara
Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice
Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice is a peer reviewed, academic journal that is devoted to the examination of social and psychological phenomena as related to the criminal justice arena. Articles are published on a per-issue basis with regular volume numbers and authors are invited to submit their work at any time throughout the year. All submissions will be peer reviewed in a timely and critical (but constructive) manner. The submission of articles implies a commitment on the part of the author to publish in this journal. Thus, authors who submit articles to this journal should not simultaneously submit their manuscripts to other journals. Articles can be submitted via the "Submission" portal found on the main webpage (WWW.APCJ.ORG) and must comply with all criteria indicated.
Interviews with leading writers and thinkers
Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology
The Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology is a biannual publication of the Bangladesh Sociological Society originating at the University of Dhaka. The Journal is produced and disseminated through the electronic medium free of cost to the users. It is made available to individuals and institutions through the Internet facilities and full text articles and reviews can be downloaded for reasonable academic use.

The BEJS is a peer-reviewed international journal comparable to other serious academic journals. Manuscripts are sought in major areas of sociology from scholars all over the world. Bangladeshi sociologists at home or abroad are encouraged to contribute.

Canadian Journal of Communication
The objective of the Canadian Journal of Communication is to publish Canadian research and scholarship in the field of communication and journalism studies. In pursuing this objective, particular attention is paid to research that has a distinctive Canadian flavour by virtue of choice of topic or by drawing on the legacy of Canadian theory and research. The purview of the journal is the entire field of communication and journalism studies as practiced in Canada or with relevance to Canada. The Canadian Journal of Communication is a print and online quarterly. Back issues are accessible online without restriction. Current issue access requires a subscription.
Canadian Journal of Learning Technology

CJLT is published by the Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada (AMTEC)

RCAT est publiée par l'Association des médias et de la technologie en éducation au Canada (l'AMTEC)

Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology
CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology, and culture, publishing articles, interviews, event-scenes and reviews of key books.
Cultural Logic
Cultural Logic is a non-profit, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes essays, interviews, poetry, and reviews (books, films, other media), etc. by writers working within the Marxist tradition. The editors will also print responses to work published in earlier issues.
Cybermetrics is both an Electronic-only Journal and a Virtual Forum (The Journal) devoted to the study of the quantitative analysis of scholarly and scientific communications in the Internet. It is open to world-wide researchers to publish and discuss their findings. Internet offers them new and increased capabilities to distribute their results to a greater audience.
Cybersociology is a non-profit multi-disciplinary webzine dedicated to the critical discussion of the internet, cyberspace, cyberculture and life online.
Ecopsychology On-line
A journal of ecological psychology.
Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History
The Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History publishes research outcomes, teaching and learning resources, and information of interest to the H-ANZAU Network.
Electronic Journal of Radical Organisation Theory
The aim of the Journal is to stimulate leading edge discussion around radical ideas in the study and practice of organisation and management.
Electronic Journal of Sociology
First electronic journal of sociology, the EJS continues to publish papers in a wide variety of sociological areas.
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ephemera: critical dialogues on organization
Ephemera is a free electronic forum for the dissemination and discussion of critical perspectives on organization.
Ethnicity and Race
Ethnicity and Race is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the ongoing analysis of cultural diversity on a domestic and global scale.
We publish essays about gender and sexuality in relation to social, political, artistic and economic concerns.
Globalization is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the examination of social, political, economic, and technological globalization.
Free resources for evaluation and social research methods
Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture
The up-today feminist theory often occupies an important place on the political stage as a principal originator and designer of not only the feminist political movement and debate, but also of contemporary political discourse in general. Equally, a democratically shaped and oriented present-day higher education is inconceivable without the contribution of the gender/women\'s studies either as independent departments or as syllabi and (gender-sensitive) perspective within different curricula.
INDUSTRIAL SOCIOLOGY is an international peer-reviewed journal that is designed to provide a forum for industrial sociologists around the world. The journal welcomes high-quality critical contributions in the fields of industrial relations, sociology of organisations, gender, risk, ethnicity and conflict. The journal is being founded to challenge the influence of western, managerialist, non-critical analyses of global business issues by providing an interactive forum for the publication of non-mainstream analyses, and underrepresented business issues. We thus particularly welcome critical contributions from, or about, the developing world. If you are intested in joining the Industrial Sociology Editorial Board, please contact the Editor at the following address: We are particularly interested in having a diverse, international Editorial Board, and so particularly welcome interest from academics in developing countries. The first edition of Industrial Sociology will be published in Spring 2005. We are currently looking for papers that address business issues in developing countries: corruption; exploitation; gender issues; ethnic conflict; western hegemony; poverty; leadership in developing countries; industrialization and social change. All submissions should be sent by email attachment to the Editor:
International Journal of Baudrillard Studies
The International Journal of Baudrillard Studies (IJBS) is a non-profit, transdisciplinary publication dedicated to engaging the thought and writing of Jean Baudrillard. Articles are invited on any subject that intersects with Baudrillard’s writing.
International Journal of Human Sciences
Online international jounal of human sciences in all subject areas.
Ìrìnkèrindò: A Journal of African Migration
Ìrìnkèrindò: A Journal Of African Migration provides a forum for scholarly articles that document the relevance of African migration to global social, political and economic systems. It documents debate among scholars and intellectuals of African immigration and migration, demographers, and African immigrants. In publishing original essays, reprints of hard to find essays, critical commentaries, book reviews, and interviews of African immigrants, it creates a forum for scholars and analysts of African immigration as well as activists throughout the world to participate in debates, exchanges of ideas, and the creation and documentation of knowledge.
Journal of Society and Information
Critical perspectives on the intersecting rubrics of society and information. Cross-disciplinary perspective inviting papers from (but not restricted to) sociology, anthropology, information systems, geography, history, critical theory.
Journal of World Systems Research
The main editorial goal of the Journal of World-Systems Research is to develop and disseminate scholarly research on topics that are relevant to the analysis of world-systems. We especially want to include works that proceed from several different theoretical stances and disciplines.
MM magazine
MM is a theoretical and literary journal which aims cultivation of open and critical thinking, reflection on the transitional processes in the Albanian society, incorporation in the contemporary issues of the social theory, presentation and the evaluation of the Albanian and world art and literature, encouragement and supporting of new thinkers, artists and translators.
Negations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Thought
The editors of Negations draw upon the tradition of 20th century social criticism as a springboard to understanding the crisis. In bringing together ideas from the Arts and Humanities, and from theology, as well as articles from Central Europe never before avilable in English, we hope to expand the realm of discourse in such a way as to open up new possibilities and move beyond the current stalemate; a society of warring camps polarized between postmodernism\'s endgame and right-wing hegemony.
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
A comprehensive and timely forum for reviews of philosophy books
Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences
Comprehensive and searchable dictionary of sociology
Our Current Knowledge
This project presents a series of essays summarizing our current knowledge about different global issues. These essays are intended for the general audience, so should be useful for anyone; students, researchers, or anyone interested in finding out what we know.
Radical Pedagogy
An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the analysis of teaching and learning.
Russian Sociology Forum
“Russian Sociological Forum” publishes academic-level articles in all areas of sociology and related social sciences, commentaries to articles, and book reviews.
Sociología Política

El Comité de Investigación en Sociologia Política(CISP) de la Federación Española de Sociología, está formado por investigadores provenientes de diferentes campos o disciplinas interesados en temas sociopolíticos. El comité pretende crear una red estable de intercambio de ideas y proyectos científicos que facilite la colaboración entre sus miembros y el desarrollo de nuevas iniciativas de investigación.

Los objetivos del CISP son:

  • Crear una red de investigadores interesados en temas sociopolíticos que haga posible el intercambio de ideas, experiencias, proyectos, etc.
  • Constituir un ámbito de discusión y debate sobre las relaciones entre vida social y vida política de carácter eminentemente interdisciplinar, al que se incorporen investigadores provenientes de diferentes disciplinas.
  • Impulsar iniciativas (reuniones académicas, proyectos de investigación, publicaciones, etc.) que favorezcan el contraste de posiciones, abran nuevos campos de investigación, etc.
El CISP celebrará todos los años una reunión científica en la que se debatirán trabajos presentados por los miembros del Comité, se pondrán en comun lineas y proyectos de investigación y se discutirán iniciativas futuras.
A searchable database of socialogical resources.
Surveillance & Society
Surveillance & Society is the transdiscplinary surveillance studies electronic journal. We aim to: encourage understanding of approaches to surveillance in different academic disciplines; publish innovative and transdisciplinary work on surveillance; promote understanding of surveillance in wider society; encourage debate and dissent. The editors are: Kirstie Ball, Birmingham Business School, UK; Steve Graham, University of Newcastle, UK; David Lyon, Queen\'s University, Canada; Clive Norris, University of Hull, UK; and David Wood, University of Newcastle, UK.
The Cornerhouse
The Corner House is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee under UK law. Its current members are Nicholas Hildyard, Larry Lohmann and Sarah Sexton. Its directors are Nicholas Hildyard, Sarah Sexton, Joji Carino of Tebtebba Foundation and Mohamed Suliman of the Institute For African Alternatives. The Corner House relies on public contributions and grant funding; current supporters include the C.S Mott Foundation, Wallace Global Fund and Novib.
Theory and Science
_thirdspace_ is a peer-reviewed journal and community for emerging feminist scholars. Our mandate is to raise the profile of feminist scholars and scholarship; offer emerging feminist scholars more opportunities for professional development; share information related to the politics of graduate school and careers in academia; and contribute to building a more collegial - and we think more productive - academic community. To build a community as well as an academic resource, we have developed two \'sides\' to thirdspace: the journal and the \'chora\' or community. We aim to produce a quality, peer-reviewed journal that demonstrates the range of applications of feminist theory and methodology, as well as give emerging feminist scholars a venue for their work. Besides articles, the journal will contain essays, editorials, book reviews, and new books in print. The chora side will include special topic bibliographies, research notes, relevant Internet resources, and a portal for our listserv, chora-l. The primary language of publication is English, but we welcome submissions in French and will consider other languages based on our resources and ability to find qualified reviewers.
TRANS Internet-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften (Internet Journal of Cultural Studies)
Internet journal for cultural studies is a platform for the discussion of transdisciplinary initiatives in the areas of literature, language, libraries and cultural studies.
Voice of the Turtle
The Voice of the Turtle is an online journal of left-wing politics and culture.
Western Criminology Review
The Western Criminology Review (WCR) is a forum for the publication and discussion of theory, research, policy, and practice in the rapidly changing and interdisciplinary fields of criminology and criminal justice.
Women in Judaism
WOMEN IN JUDAISM: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL is an academic, refereed journal published exclusively on the Internet, and devoted to scholarly debate on gender-related issues in Judaism. The ultimate aim of the journal is to promote the reconceptualization of the study of Judaism, by acknowledging and incorporating the roles played by women, and by encouraging the development of alternative research paradigms. Cross-methodological and interdisciplinary, the journal does not promote a fixed ideology, and welcomes a variety of approaches.
Workers Online
The brief of Workers Online is to promote debate within the trade union movement, provide a platform for union stories and act as a counter-balance to the mainstream media\'s coverage of workplace issues.