NewsTrove and RSS
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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It's the most popular way of syndicating news and information. Businesspeople, researchers, students, journalists, or anybody with an interest use RSS to receive up-to-the-minute news on their favorite subjects.

There are two pieces you will need to use RSS: the newsfeed, and an RSS newsreader.

NewsTrove scours nearly 200,000 sites looking for news-worthy information and generates the RSS newsfeeds, which are read by a newsreader. NewsTrove has partnered with Pluck, a free RSS newsreader that plugs into your Internet Explorer browser to enable you to read the newsfeeds.

The next few screens will take you through the easy steps to create and receive your own custom newsfeeds.   Steps remaining:

  • Choose Newsfeed Package
  • Enter Newsfeed Information
  • Record Subscriber ID and Password
  • Download an RSS newsreader
  • Get RSS URLs
  • Payment (Basic subscription is free)

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