Post Office is a small and simple mail server for Windows. Handles all incoming and outgoing mail for your local network as well as fetching mail from external accounts. It also includes a small web server which can be used to provide your company web page or intranet. The mail server uses the standard POP3 and SMTP mail protocols. Requires IE5+ to perform configuration (doesn't seem to work properly on Mozilla).

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To add mail accounts, click the Accounts option on the main page. Click New Account to add an account. Type the account name, the email address and password. If this account is to fetch mail from an uplink provider then enter the POP host and port, otherwise leave these two blank. Click the Submit button to save the new account. Click the Accounts option on the list of options at the top of the page to return to the list of accounts.

To modify or remove an account, click the desired account on the list of accounts. Change any of the options and click Submit or click the Delete Account option at the bottom to remove the account.


  • To set up the services, click the Options option from the main menu.
  • Deliver Mail: Enables delivery of outbound mail.
  • Fetch Uplink Mail: Enables retrieval of mail from uplink providers for each
    account that has the POP options set.
  • Pop Server: Enables the POP server to allow clients to retrieve mail.
  • Smtp Server: Enables the send mail server to allow clients to send mail.
  • Relay Mail: Allows the Post Office to relay mail between unknown clients.
    Leave this off unless you specifically need it as it provides the perfect
    mechanism for unknown persons to use your system to distribute spam.
  • Web Server: Enables the internal web server. Set the port and root path of
    the html documents to be served.
  • Log Debug Info: Provides extra information in the log files to track down
  • Delivery Interval: Seconds between attempts to deliver outbound mail and fetch
    uplink mail.
  • Status Refresh Interval: Seconds between refreshes of the status page.
  • Domain: Your domain name. Used by the POP and SMTP servers for connection
    protocol purposes. If Post Office is to be used only internally on your local
    network then you can just make up a domain name. If you intend to connect to
    the outside world then you'll need a registered domain name.
  • Dns Host: The ip of a dns server. Could be internal, your uplink dns server or
    some public dns server. This is used to find the mail exchange of target
    domains in order to deliver outbound mail.
  • Days To Keep Logs: The number of days to keep logs. Information older than
    this will be trimmed.
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