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Excerpt from "Fundamentals of Psicanica" (Fonte)

Responsability is a unique concept. It can only reside in a single individual. You may share it with others, but your portion is not diminished. You may delegate it, but it is still with you. You may disclaim it, but you cannot divest yourself of it. (Admiral Hyman Rickover)

CAUSE and POWER are only possible within the psicanic condition of Responsability*

Personal Power begins with Responsability

Our objectives are for you to become more at Cause in life, to acquire more Power over yourself and both of your universes and for you to BEcome a more Powerful Being. Our goals in psicanica include that you become able to play better and bigger games; that you learn to manifest your movie according to your desires.

Such Cause and Power start with Responsability. Responsability is a make or break point in life. It is the point of transformation between Effect = Victim and Cause = Power.

If you are already in a condition of Responsability for your life and everything in it, congratulations. However, most of humanity is not in a condition of Responsability. The consequences of living in No-Responsability include no Power and not getting much of what you want, relationship problems, low self-esteem, negative emotions and unhappiness. It is, in fact, impossible to be happy in a condition of No-Responsability.

Responsability = Response + Ability. Responsability is the ability to respond. To respond to or for something is to be at Cause. It is to act in some manner whether to answer or to take physical action. Response-ability then is the ability to act.

Responsable, Responsability = ABLE TO ACT

Definitions of Responsability

Main Definitions

  1. The point of change between Effect and Cause on the Cause-Effect Spectrum.
  2. Consciousness of Cause; acknowledgement and awareness of being Cause, of being able to act.
  3. The relationship of a Creator to hir creations.
  4. An essential element of Love: to deny Responsability is to deny Love.
  5. Any condition of possibility of action, including when in the negative effects of the Cause of others.

Secondary Definitions

  1. The ability to respond deliberately under self-control and reason as opposed to out-of-control emotional reaction: logical choice as opposed to emotional reactivity and resistance.
  2. The ability to vary your actions and responses until you achieve the desired result (as opposed to repeating over and over an ingrained habit or behavioral rut).
  3. The duty or privilege to care for someone or something.
  4. A counterpart of Freedom.
  5. Accountability: The ability and the duty under Love and Justice to respond for our negative actions, to restore damaged or lost energy. Without Accountability, Responsability does not exist.
Explanation of each definition:
  1. Responsability is the point of transition between Cause and Effect on the Cause-Effect Polarity Spectrum. The negation of Responsability automatically puts the Being in Effect = Victim. Recognition of Responsability automatically moves the Being to Cause.
  2. Responsability is Consciousness of Cause. To be responsable is to be aware of Cause, of the duty to act when necessary. When a person declares or believes she is not responsable, she is declaring she need not act; that she is not Cause. Responsability, then, is recognition and acceptance of Cause.
  1. Responsability is the relationship of a Creator to hir creations: Every Being is Cause when she creates something, and remains responsable for that creation. A person who creates a bomb is responsable for the effects of that bomb. Every person creates her psicanic realities (identities, thoughts, and emotions) and remains response-able for those creations. This response-ableness = Cause includes the power to discreate any of those realities. For example: You are the creator of and responsable for your emotions. (This will be proved in a later chapter.)
  2. Responsability as an aspect of Love. Love is action for the well-being of the beloved: Love requires Cause. To be loved is to be in Effect (the recipient of energy); to love is to be at Cause, (the giver of energy). Responsability is the beginning of Cause. Response-ability as part of Love—and of Wisdom—is to be conscious of our Cause, our actions, and their consequences to avoid harm to others. A person whose actions result in harm to others is at Cause and is responsable for those results and failure to love.

You will note that there is very little Love on this planet as few people take responsibility for the well being of their brethren, or for the environment. This planet’s highest feat until now has been Fairness and Justice, not Love. Were there Love, ignorance and poverty would not exist.

Responsability is any condition of possibility of action, especially when at the effect of the negative actions of others (vulnerable to others). In any situation, if you have any possibility of action, then you are responsable—you do not need to be the initial Cause of the situation. For example: you are not responsable for it raining. However, you are responsable for standing outside in it and getting wet as long as you have any possibility of action such as going inside or opening an umbrella. If you have no possibility of action—for example, you are chained to a post—then you have no responsability for getting wet. Any possibility of action establishes responsability.

Here is the key question to determine if you are response-able in any situation where you are suffering negative effects: Do I have any possibility of any kind of action to stop, change or avoid those effects? As an adult, you almost always have some possibility of action in any situation. (Note how it matters not who or what is causing those effects.)

  1. The concept of Responsability includes the ability to respond to others and events with self-control and logic—as opposed to out-of-control negative emotional or irrational reaction. It is the ability to respond from reasoned decision in awareness of actions and consequences (Wisdom) as opposed to "knee-jerk" emotional reaction in resistance and effect (reactivity). A person who is response-able acts as opposed to reacts. A person who is at the effect of hir negative emotions (activated) is reactive rather than response-able—although s/he is responsable for those reactions nevertheless. When a person is activated, s/he reacts without thinking and usually with unwise, negative consequences for himself and others.
  2. The concept of Responsability includes the capacity to vary your actions and responses until you achieve the desired result. The opposite of this is to repeat over and over any pattern of behavior (communication or action) despite the fact that it does not produce the desired result. A person who is response-able, on not achieving the desired result, will try again using a new approach. A person who is not response-able will keep trying with the same futile approach over and over again, sometimes for years.

In psychology, there is a famous story about this "vary-your-response-ability". In this story, psychologists test rats by hiding cheese a specific spot in a maze. At the same time, they test humans (using students) by hiding money in a specific spot using as a maze a school laboratory. Both rats and students find the prize (cheese or money) with about equal ability, and both quickly learn to go directly to the hiding spot.

The difference occurs when the prize is moved to a new spot. The rats quickly learn that the cheese is no longer in the old spot and respond by concentrating on finding the new spot. They say that the students are still breaking into the laboratory at night looking for the money.)

  1. Responsability can be position of caring for someone or something, or of doing = Causing something positive. This is a very common usage of the word. Examples: She is responsable for her children. He is responsable for getting the reports out on time. This is also Responsability as positive Cause = positive action = Love (see #4 above).
  2. Responsability is a counterpart of Freedom, of Liberty. A) Freedom requires Responsability; and B) Responsability does not exist in the absence of Freedom.
    • One of the prices of Freedom is the Responsability to control one’s Cause and to avoid actions that are harmful to others (AntiLove). Each entity (except the insane) is response-able for hir actions and the consequences of those actions. The violation of this responsability will result in others revoking your liberty and controlling your Cause (prison, for example). Both civil and criminal laws have as their purpose to control Cause. However, no amount of laws will ever replace Beings operating consciously in Love, Wisdom and Responsability.
    • If a person is not free to act (to be Cause), but is under the coercion (at the Effect) of another, the responsability is with him who controls, who has the Power. This is similar to #5 above.
  3. Accountability: Responsability is the ability and the duty to respond for our actions, including to restore any damage we Cause. This aspect of Responsability is also called Accountability. Accountability is justice; it is the equalization of energy.

There are two sides to accountability. The first is the positive side: that positive results be rewarded. This is a basic premise of capitalism: to each according to hir production. The violation of this principle is what makes communism and socialism unworkable.

The second side is the negative side. He who produces negative results is responsable (is to be at Cause) to restore the energy lost or damaged. He who damages or loses anything is responsable for restoring that thing. Without such accountability, without the restoration of energy, responsability does not exist. (The violation of this principle destroys any system.)

NOT PUNISHMENT: The restoration of energy is not to be confused with punishment. Punishment is negative energy designed to make bad-and-wrong and to hurt, to Cause pain to the offender, either as vengeance or so that s/he does not repeat that behavior. Punishment is AntiLove. Restoration is the production of positive energy by the responsable subject to restore damage done: restoration is an act of Love. The restoration of damages is Accountability

LOVE and Responsability

Note the relation of Responsability to Love. Responsability is the beginning of Cause and positive Cause is one of the definitions of Love. Responsability is also the condition of caring for someone or thing and that is Love. For example, should a parent say that s/he is not responsable for the well-being of hir child, you would know instantly that s/he does not love her. S/He is denying being at Cause for hir child and denial of responsability is denial and the refusal to love. Responsability as accountability is the reparations of any damage or harm we do, intentionally or unintentionally, to others. And, that too, is Love. Responsability is a prerequisite for love.


The difference between Accountability and punishment with children is critical. Children respond very well to Accountability, even on the negative side of restoring damages they Cause. And Accountability teaches them Wisdom, Justice and Love (as explained below).

On the other hand, children and your relationship with them will always be damaged by punishment, as it will be by all AntiLove. Children (and everybody else) should never be punished; they should always be held accountable (according to their age level, of course).


Wisdom and Accountability are reciprocal factors. Wisdom is the ability to predict the consequences of one’s actions. To be responsable and avoid harm to others (AntiLove), and to be Positive Cause = Love, requires the ability to foresee the consequences of our acts. One of the definitions of Wisdom is the ability to predict the consequences of actions.

Reciprocally, Accountability develops Wisdom. When you must respond for the consequences of your actions, you are maximally motivated to learn to predict and control those consequences in order to maximize reward and reduce damage restoration. You become a Wiser and more Powerful person.

The consequence of excusing people from responding for the consequences of their actions, is to fill the world with people who are either unable to calculate those consequences (unWise), or who don’t care (unLoving), or both. As Herbert Spencer put it so succinctly:

The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of their follies
is to fill the world with fools.

To the degree that parents raise their children without training in responsability and accountability, those children as adults will lack Wisdom (the ability to foresee the consequences of actions) and Discipline and Personal Power.

Definition: Discipline: The ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, to the best of your ability, whether you want to, or like to, or not.

Accountability is a great teacher of Wisdom and a great trainer and motivator of Discipline.

Without Accountability, Responsability does not exist. Without Responsability, any energy system will collapse. At the current, extremely primitive level of spiritual consciousness of mankind, if there is no Accountability, there will be no Responsability. Where there is no Responsability there is no quality Cause, only fools loose in the universe. Where there is quality Cause, there is no Love.

In advanced races, races that understand that we are all ONE, races that understand LOVE; everybody is naturally responsable and accountable as they play win-win and seek the greatest good of the greater number at all times.

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