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Psychohistory Discussion List


Psychohistorians from all over the world discuss their specialty, historical motivation of events, past and present, on the Psychohistory Discussion Group on This discussion group, sponsored by The Institute for Psychohistory, can be viewed at and can be joined by sending a blank email to: I invite you all to join us and discover what psychohistory is all about.

Lloyd deMause, Editor , The Journal of Psychohistory

In addition, you may wish to visit the following web sites on the Internet:

"The International Psychohistorical Association and the Profession of Psychohistory" by Henry Lawton.

"Lloyd deMause and Psychohistory"

"Digital Archive of PSYCHOHISTORY Articles & Texts"
Eric Heimstadt's ongoing project for the preservation and dissemination of psychohistorical texts, whose goal is to create a comprehensive psychohistorical library. Now contains over one hundred articles and six books pertaining to psychohistory, trauma model, prenatal and cultic studies. Also features a full set of psychohistory-related web links.

"Women and Children at the Cutting Edge of Historical Change" by Lloyd deMause

"The Evolution of Childrearing Modes" by Lloyd deMause

"International Bulletin of Political Psychology (IBPP)"
IBPP is an electronic weekly designed to sensitize behavioral and social scientists, public officials, mass media representatives, social activists and informed citizenry to the psychology of politics and the politics of psychology. This sensitization encompasses that which is scientific, formalistic, and analytic, as well as that which is intuitive, experiential, and synthetic. Because of its weekly format, IBPP presents the opportunity for a quick analysis of current events and issues and a privileged look at what researchers are engaged in - well before publication of their work. Our intent is to have a real-world effect on research, policy, legislation, mass media coverage, and international events.

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