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Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature
c. The Five Points of Contact

There are five points of contact whereby the material world can be occultly "raised" up into life and power, just as there are five centers always to be found in our planet, through which life and energy pour into the natural world. I refer here to certain centers which are active where the physical and material life of the planet are concerned. There are also, as I told you in my writing anent the developments during the next three years, five centers through which a new and energizing spiritual force is flowing, and these are the planetary correspondences to the five senses in man, both subjective and objective. But we find the rays pouring through humanity as a whole, and through the five races of [263] men (our present race, the Aryan, being the third - two are yet to come). This particular aspect of ray energy is that which stimulates the consciousness aspect, and it will raise and awaken the consciousness hidden in all material forms, both in man and in the three subhuman kingdoms. These five points, with their five "elevating" influences, are as follows, omitting the two earlier and intangible races which are not strictly human at all, and beginning with the first of the five races which are human throughout:

  1. The Lemurian Race - fifth ray
    The coming of the Sons of Fire.
  2. The Atlantean Race - sixth ray
    The devotion of the Lords of Love.
  3. The Aryan Race - third ray
    The activity of the Men of Mind.
  4. The Coming Race - fourth ray
    The vision of the Units of Light.
  5. The Final Race - first ray
    The will of the Lords of Sacrifice.

The two earlier races were governed by the second and seventh rays, respectively, and embody the activity of the form builder and the constructive energy of the magical organizer. The reader must bear in mind, as he studies these major ray cycles, that they cover inconceivably long periods of time, and produce two effects which must be considered.

First, the ray energies, five in number, play upon the human kingdom itself, and in the course of the ages raise man from the dead to life; they lift him out of the dark prison of matter into the light of day. These are the five life-giving forces that raise the human consciousness to heaven, and the form to understanding. I know no word to express the concept except the word "understanding," and its true sense is seen when divided into its two component parts.

Secondly, these ray energies, working this time through [264] the human kingdom, raise the subhuman kingdoms in nature also (after much effort) to life and conscious understanding. Through the five points of spiritual contact, in each of the three kingdoms, is life brought to nature itself. For this "the whole creation groaneth and travaileth together in pain until now." Herein is found the secret of the resurrection, viewing it in the planetary sense, - a resurrection enacted also individually by each achieving son of God. This is the great Masonic secret, and the central mystery of the sublime or third degree in Masonry. It is sometimes occultly referred to as "the relation of death to the five life-giving energies seen working upon the third day of revelation" or, speaking still more symbolically:

"In the chamber of death, the blue light of dawning day reveals the group of workers who seek to raise the dead. Naught avail their efforts until they blend the five great forces of the Lord of Magic. When thus they work as one, in unity complete the work is done; they fuse the life-giving force; the dead are raised, and the work of building can proceed. The temple can be glorified and the Word be uttered forth within a chamber of life-giving force and not of death. Through death to life, from struggle in the dark to building in the light! Such is the Plan. Thus do we enter into life that is a death; pass onward through the door whose pillars twain stand there forever as a sign of strength and truth divine; thus do we enter quick within the tomb and die. Thus are we raised again upon a Word divine, upon a fivefold sign, and - springing forth - we live."

Then in relation to humanity, the Old Commentary says:

"The Lords of the fifth great ray of mind have sent us on our way. The Lords of the sixth great ray forced us to suffer in the cause, yet love it too, and through our deep devotion learn. The Lords of the third great ray bring us, through mind, unto the funeral pyre, to the stage wherein we die, yet rise again. In the third room, and on the third dark day, the Master disappears. He dies; is lost to sight. But the five great [265] Lords unite their forces. In fellowship sublime, they work to raise the dead. Only thus can that Word be spoken which brings the dead to life. Such is the work of man for God, of God for man."

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