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Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man
The Rays and the Races

We have been told in the past teaching of the Ageless Wisdom that a human being is a triple aspect of energy, and that he is essentially a trinity, as is the Deity. We speak of him technically as Monad-ego-personality. We define him as spirit-soul-body. I should like to point out here that in studying the human family as a unit and as a whole, it also will be discovered to be essentially a Monad, with seven egoic groups, within which all souls (in incarnation and out of incarnation) find their place, and with forty-nine corresponding racial forms through which the seven groups of souls cyclically express themselves. All souls work out their destiny in all races, but certain types predominate in certain racial forms. Where, then, is to be found any reason for racial predilections or antipathies? In the realization of the truth that we all, at some time, experience incarnation in all racial forms will come the knowledge that there is only unity. The subject may be clarified if we tabulate the teaching and the ray relationship to the races as follows:

Ray Full Expression Major Influence
Ray I. Will.
1st ray souls.
In the 7th root-race.
Perfection of Plan.
1st and 7th subraces.
Ray II. Love-Wisdom.
2nd ray souls.
In the 6th root-race.
Perfected Intuition.
2nd and 6th subraces.
Ray III. Intelligence.
3rd ray souls.
In the 5th root-race.
Aryan race.
Perfected Intelligence.
3rd and 5th subraces.
Ray IV. Harmony.
4th ray souls.
In the 4th root-race.
Atlantean race.
Perfected astralism.
Perfected emotion.
4th and 6th subraces.
Ray V. Knowledge.
5th ray souls.
In the 3rd root-race.
Perfected physical.
5th and 3rd subraces.
Ray VI. Devotion.
6th ray souls.
In the 2nd root-race. 6th and 2nd subraces.
Ray VII. Ceremonial Magic.
7th ray souls.
In the 1st root-race. 7th and 1st subraces.
Remember that this tabulation refers to the major ray cycles, and remember further that in every root-race you have a continuous mingling and intermingling of the rays with what might be called the "constant" or dominating ray, which appears and reappears with greater frequency and potency than do the other rays. There is therefore a close correspondence between certain rays and certain races, with their subraces, and these are colored by these predominant ray influences. It is interesting also to interpret these ray influences (as I have expressed them) in terms of their quality leading to their objective, as follows:
  • The first Ray of Will leads from latent purpose in the first race to the fulfiled evolutionary Plan in the seventh race.
  • The second Ray of Love-Wisdom leads from love or divine desire in the second race to full intuitional understanding in the sixth race.
  • The third Ray of Active Intelligence leads from the latent mental awareness of Lemurian man in the third race to the intellectual achievement of the Aryan race, the fifth race.
  • The fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict leads from the period of that terrific balancing of forces in Atlantis (the [318] fourth race) to the sanctified and free devotion of one-pointedness in the next or sixth race, with two lines of energy consummating in it. It marks the point of achievement of the Monads of Love, Who arrive at the expression of Love-Wisdom. The final race marks the point of achievement for the Monads of Will, just as the present Aryan race marks, and will mark, the achievement of the Monads of Intelligence. This warrants thought. It is a relative achievement, for this is the fourth round, but there is necessarily a "high-water mark," if I might so call it, for each round.

In the above four races you have the great period of the balancing of the forces for our humanity. The effect of the other three rays upon the Lemurian race and the two earlier and formless races need not here be considered by us. The nature of the consciousness of the forms found in those races, and the pressure exerted in them by the Entity Who informs the human family as a whole, are too abstruse for the average reader. He is mainly concerned with the races here enumerated, which summarize for him past and future achievement.

Consequently, in dealing with the human family, we must endeavor to think in larger terms than those of the individual man as we know him. We must look upon humanity itself as an integrated entity, as a Being, as a Life in a form. In this unified form Life every human being is a cell, and the seven races constitute the seven major centers, with the polarization shifting ever into the higher centers, and the lower centers fading away into quiescence, until the time comes when all of the seven will be coordinated and energized, at the end of the age. We might here make the following suggestions (note this word) as to the relation between the races and the centers in the body of humanity: [319]

Races Center Expression
7th and
final root-race.
The head center. Will. Plan.
6th root-race.
The next.
The center between the eyebrows. Intuitive integration.
5th root-race.
The present.
The throat center. Creative power.
4th and
past root-race.
The solar plexus center. Psychic sensitivity.
3rd and
first human race.
The sacral center. Physical appearance.
2nd and
etheric race.
The heart or vital center. Life forces coordinated.
1st race. The base of spine. The Will to be, to exist.
It is with only the last four evolving races that we shall concern ourselves (the first four dealt with in the above tabulation), for the first three races are too far off for any one under the degree of initiate to grasp their mode of development, their type of consciousness, and their procedure towards their goal. The point I seek to emphasize is the necessity of seeing the picture whole, and not in terms of individual man.

It may here be helpful if we note down our tabulation of certain points anent the human kingdom, as we did in connection with the three subhuman kingdoms.

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