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Esoteric Psychology II - Some Tabulations on the Rays
The Relation of the Rays to the Centers
  1. Head Center - Ray of Will or Power. First Ray.
  2. The Ajna Center - Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Fifth Ray.
  3. The Throat Center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray.
  4. The Heart Center - Ray of Love-Wisdom. Second Ray.
  5. The Solar Plexus - Ray of Devotion. Sixth Ray.
  6. The Sacral Center - Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Seventh Ray.
  7. Base of Spine - Ray of Harmony. Fourth Ray. [429]

The Relationship to the Races

Ray Full Expression Major Influence
Ray I. Will.
1st ray souls.
In the 7th root-race.
Perfection of Plan.
1st and 7th subraces.
Ray II. Love-Wisdom.
2nd ray souls.
In the 6th root-race.
Perfected Intuition.
2nd and 6th subraces.
Ray III. Intelligence.
3rd ray souls.
In the 5th root-race.
Aryan race.
Perfected Intelligence.
3rd and 5th subraces.
Ray IV. Harmony.
4th ray souls.
In the 4th root-race.
Atlantean race.
Perfected astralism.
Perfected emotion.
4th and 6th subraces.
Ray V. Knowledge.
5th ray souls.
In the 3rd root-race.
Perfected physical.
5th and 3rd subraces.
Ray VI. Devotion.
6th ray souls.
In the 2nd root-race. 6th and 2nd subraces.
Ray VII. Ceremonial Magic.
7th ray souls.
In the 1st root-race. 7th and 1st subraces.
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