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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies
1. The Appropriation of the Bodies

The final definition which is given here, leads up to our consideration of the subject of the rays. The personality is the fusion of three major forces and their subjection (finally and after the fusion) to the impact of soul energy. This impact is made in three different stages or in what are occultly termed "three impulsive movements" - using the word "impulsive" in its true connotation and not in the usual emotional and enthusiastic significance. These impulsive movements are:

a. The impact of the soul at the stage of human evolution which we call individualization. At that time, the form becomes aware for the first time of the touch of the soul. This is called in the language of esotericism the "Touch of Appropriation." The soul then appropriates its vehicle.
This stage is succeeded by a long period of adjustment and of gradual development and unfoldment. This takes place upon the way of experience, and during that period the soul tightens its hold upon its instrument, the lower form nature.

b. The impact of the soul is called forth by the dilemmas and through the emergencies of the later stages of the path of experience. During this stage, the urgency of the need, and the dilemmas brought about by the forces of opposition, lead the man to submit to a higher influence. He calls then in desperation upon the soul and upon the spiritual resources laid up in his divine nature and hitherto remaining unused. This impact is called the "Touch of Acquiescence," and marks the acceptance by the soul of the demand of the personality for help and [269] light. The soul acquiesces in the plea of the personality for guidance.
It is to be noted that we are here considering the attitude of the soul to the personality and not that of the personality to the soul, which is the attitude usually under consideration. We are dealing primarily in this treatise with the reactions and activities of the soul through its ray energy, and its response to the demand of the forces - focused, combined and integrated - of the personality.

c. The impact of the soul at the time of the various and sequential initiations to which the disciple is eventually subjected, as he transits out of the fourth into the fifth kingdom in nature. This stage is called the "Touch of Enlightenment," and through the bringing together of the forces of the purified personality and those of the "approaching" soul, a "light is engendered which fadeth not away."

In these three impacts,

  1. The touch of appropriation on the physical plane,
  2. The touch of acquiescence on the astral plane,
  3. The touch of enlightenment upon the mental plane,

there is summarized clearly and concisely the attitude of the soul towards its rapidly preparing instrument.

The great Touch of Appropriation lies racially in the past. The Touch of Acquiescence takes place upon the battlefield of the emotional nature, and the Touch of Enlightenment is effected through the mind.

The first three initiations are expressions of these three stages or impacts, and it might also be stated that the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Aryan races are also expressions of man's reactions to these three soul approaches. [270]

The third initiation sees the soul and the personality perfectly blended so that the light blazes forth and the great Approaches between soul and form are consummated.

Today, in this particular cycle and in this Aryan race, the Hierarchy (as an expression of the kingdom of souls) is recapitulating these three inevitable steps and making certain advances or approaches to the race. We can therefore divide humanity into three groups and relate humanity to the three major approaches.

a. The Approach of Appropriation will express the effect of the present stimulation upon the unevolved masses. Thousands and thousands of men and women are in process of awakening and during the next few years will come to soul consciousness, for the soul of each individual is intensifying its initial appropriation at the Lemurian crisis of individualization, and the ancient enterprise is again being re-enacted as a needed recapitulatory endeavor. All this today lies almost entirely in the realm of consciousness. The great appropriation was made millions of years ago. Today, in consciousness, there will come a great awakening to the significance of what was, at that time, largely a physical event, and masses of men will become aware - in their brain consciousness - of that early appropriation. This is being brought about by a fresh approach by the soul and an advance towards its reflection, the personality, and it produces in time a consequent recognition upon the part of man.

b. The Approach of Acquiescence will be equally well recognized by the intelligent and more highly evolved sons of men. They will awaken to the relationship which exists between their personalities and the soul, and between the forces of the lower nature and the energy of the soul. It is with this particular task that the New Group of World Servers is primarily occupied, - looking at their activities from the [271] standpoint of the Hierarchy. Their work is to facilitate the entrance of soul energy, which energy expresses itself in love and in good will. This in its turn results in peace - individual, racial and planetary - and the great group aspect of the approach will be brought about, and is today in process of being carried forward.

c. The Approach of Enlightenment carries the disciple through the gate of initiation, and is the effect of the same energy playing upon the personalities of the disciples of the world, and transforming their spirit of aspiration into the light of initiation.

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