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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies
We can approach another psychological problem in the same manner. Much is being written today which is the result of the development of the science of psychoanalysis. This is the problem of what is commonly called a "split personality". This division in the continuity of consciousness (for that is what it basically is) takes many forms and sometimes produces more than simply a duality. The great expression of the continuity of desire is voiced for us by Paul, the initiate, in The Epistle to the Romans where he refers to the constant battle between the will-to-good and the will-to-evil, as it takes place within the periphery of consciousness of a human being. From certain angles this passage is prophetic, for the writer (perhaps [319] unknowingly) was looking forward to that period in the evolution of mankind when the "battle of the opposites" would be waged in its full strength, both individually and within all nations and races. Such a time is now upon us. As far as the individual is concerned, the psychologist is attempting to deal with the problem. As far as the race is concerned, the great social, philanthropic, political and religious movements are equally concerned with the same problem. This should be of interest to all for it indicates that the planetary kurukshetra is now being fought out and, therefore, that present affairs must be viewed from the angle of a basic psychology, which is expressive - in time and space - of that great center of soul expression which we call the human family. It indicates also the advanced point of attainment in consciousness upon the path of evolution. When the battle is successfully fought, and there is a realization in consciousness of the nature of the issue involved (and such an awareness is most rapidly developing), then we shall have a bridging of the gap and the fusing of the fundamental pairs of opposites (the soul and the form). This will bring in the new era of spiritual attainment or of soul contact.

The thought which should be dominant in our minds today, in order that we may rightly understand the correct use of this whole section is simply this: that the right appropriation of form by the soul is the result of an initial wish or desire. It is the result of a fundamental outgoing impulse on the part of the center of energy. This tendency outwards is expressed in many differing words or expressions in the literature of the world, such as:

  1. The desire to manifest.
  2. The creative impulse.
  3. The evolutionary urge. [320]
  4. The wish to incarnate.
  5. The attraction of the pairs of opposites. This is positive energy having an attractive effect upon negative energy.
  6. The outgoing tendency.
  7. The fall of man.
  8. The "sons of God came in unto the daughters of men". (The Bible)
  9. The "corn of wheat falling into the ground".

Many such expressions can be found, having in them symbolic quality and which are not to be interpreted literally, or with a physical connotation. Each idea, however, involves a duality, and the concept that there is "that which is manifesting through the form of the manifest". This is "the soul and the form", and many other similar phrases are familiar to all of us.

I would urge you to preserve, as far as possible, the thought of the psychological implications, considering this whole section from the angle in sentiency, for in sentiency (as you well know) lies the entire psychological problem. It is always and in every case the problem of response to environment and opportunity, and in this idea lies much for the esoteric psychologist. In sensitive awareness lies the secret of progress for the psyche, and also the secret of the many states of consciousness which the sentient or feeling factor, the soul, experiences on the path of evolution as it expands

  1. The sphere of its contacts,
  2. The range of its influence,
  3. The field of its conscious activity.

I have expressed these three in the order of their appearance.

We are apt to consider these appearances from the point of view of man upon the physical plane. It is necessary to [321] consider them from the point of view of the soul and the process of experiencing. This is an angle of vision which is only truly possible to the man who is beginning to function as a soul.

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