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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies
From the standpoint of psychology, this means that the glandular equipment, the physical apparatus, and the response instrument become increasingly efficient, whilst an inner coordination and integration proceeds apace. The dilemma of the psychologist today is largely due to the fact that the law of rebirth is not yet recognized scientifically or among the intelligentsia. He is therefore faced with the problems of the inequalities in the physical equipment, everywhere prevalent. There is a widespread failure to recognize the underlying cause which is responsible for the "appearance", for the mechanism. There is, therefore, no scientific proof (as the word is understood at this time) of the , field of experience. There is - in time and space - no synthesis (esoterically understood) permitted, but simply the isolated appearance of a human being, making up hosts of human beings, variously equipped, greatly limited by that equipment, and faced also with an environment which seems antagonistic, lacking inner synthesis, coordination and integration, except in the case of the highly intelligent and deeply spiritual people, those who are definitely functioning souls. For these latter, the average psychologist has no adequate explanation. [324]

The integration of an individual into his environment is proceeding apace, and the psychological adjustment of man to his field of experience will steadily improve. Upon this, humanity can count, and to this, the history of man's development as a knowing being testifies. But the integration of the human being into time has not been accomplished and even this statement will be little understood. Man's origin and his goal remain largely unconsidered, and he is studied from the angle of this one short life, and from the point of view of his present equipment. Until he is integrated into time as well as into his environment and until the Law of Rebirth is admitted as the most likely hypothesis, there will be no real understanding of the process of evolution, of the relationships of individuals, and the nature of the unfoldment of the equipment. There will be no true wisdom. Knowledge comes, as the individual integrates into his environment. Wisdom comes as he becomes coordinated into the processes of time. The mechanism is related to the environment, and is the apparatus of contact and the means through which the experiencing soul arrives at a full awareness of the field of knowledge. This soul is the identity which is time-conscious in the true sense of the word, and which views the period of manifestation as a whole, gaining thus a sense of proportion, an understanding of values and an inner sense of synthesis.

Little by little the triple mechanism is developed and the center of experience expands in knowledge. Today this knowledge is of a very high order, and the world is full of personalities. Supplementing our earlier definitions, a personality might be simply defined as:

  1. An equipment which is becoming adequate in three directions of contact. The experiencing soul can now begin to use the instrument effectively. [325]
  2. An expression of the creative power of the soul which is ready to transmute knowledge into wisdom.
  3. An incarnate soul, which is now ready to work consciously with the time factor, for, having learned how to work with the factor of environment, the soul can now begin to control circumstances and environment from the standpoint of time. This means, in the first instance, the right use of time and opportunity and then the establishing of continuity of consciousness.

It is not my intention to deal with the building of the various bodies. I seek here to generalize and to take up the theme from the point of attainment of modern humanity. Hints are given in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire which, if duly studied, will serve to elucidate the early problem of the soul's impulse to creation. We will, therefore, accept the fact of the initial creation of the forms, based upon the wish or desire to manifest, and proceed with our theme along the idea of experience, expression, and expansion, dealing with modern man and his problems from the standpoint of the psychological development of his problems.

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