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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
d. Problems of Mystics connected with Present Ray Influences

Today we are watching the passing out of the sixth ray energy and the growing power and activity of the seventh ray. The energy which is withdrawing itself from our planet in one of the cyclic crises has for centuries expressed itself through the planetary solar plexus and also, as might be inferred, through the solar plexus center of the average aspirant. This has led to much of the digestive difficulties, plus the emotional problems (and are they not closely related) from which the majority of people have suffered in this age and generation. The intense one-pointed attitude, the fanatical state of mind, the sacrifice of the personal life to the sensed ideal have all brought about a dangerous condition in those organs of the body which lie below the diaphragm. This should be remembered.

The seventh ray, working as it does through the center at the base of the spine, will in time have a peculiar effect upon the entire circulatory system, for this basic center is connected with the life-force and, as you know, the "blood is the life". It works with the highest center in the body and is therefore related to the entire problem of the polarities. It is consequently one of the factors which will increase the difficulties connected with the various psychological "cleavages" with which we have earlier dealt. It concerns the human triplicity of spirit-soul-body, the duality of soul and personality and [623] the major aspects of Deity, spirit and matter, as well as the many groupings of the pairs of opposites with which the mystic is so constantly concerned and which he has eventually to resolve into a unity. The recognition of this will make clear how complex are the problems and the possibilities arising out of the stimulation which will be felt as the "will to circulate, the will to relate and the will to express" makes its presence felt with the manifestation of the seventh ray. This force, as far as the individual is concerned, will play upon the center at the base of the spine, arousing it into a hitherto unknown activity. These aspects of the will life are fortunately for humanity far from full development, but much of the present world confusion and the swing between the expressed extremes, are to be attributed to the play of these new forces. Much of the untimely and over-emphasized expression of the Will aspect of certain nations and individuals is connected with the coming into manifestation of this seventh ray and the passing out of the old. The problem is greatly increased by the fact that there is apparently a pronounced affinity between the fanatical idealistic will of the sixth ray - which is crystallized, directed, unwavering, emotional emphasis - and the will force of the untrained magical worker who is influenced by seventh ray energy, working through the center at the base of the spine.

The distinction between these two forces and their expression at this time is subtle in the extreme and most difficult for the neophyte to distinguish. Each one leads to its own difficulties. I only mention them here as they constitute a problem of a mystical nature with which the Hierarchy has to deal but with which the average aspirant need not attempt to cope as yet.

As I conclude this discussion of the problems and diseases of the mystics, I realize far more than you can that I have been [624] able to say little about the last few points, particularly about those connected with group or ray problems. This was unavoidable and inevitable. The new age groups are, as yet, seldom found, though many new age people are coming into manifestation. Only in the middle of the next century will the really new type of group emerge. Tentative beginnings of such groups are to be found today but their success or their failure is an unstable matter and both so ephemeral that it is not easy yet to bring them under law. One ambitious, disloyal person, for instance, can wreck a group; one selfless, non-critical, consecrated person can swing the group into successful work. This will indicate to you the potency of the individual and the fact that he can temporarily and at any given moment prove stronger than the group because the group has yet no true understanding of group activity, group coherency and group vitality. The mystic therefore suffers as a result of this condition, producing diseases and psychological difficulties which are not only personal but are often the result of the fluidity of the conditions in which he his to live.

One of the reasons guaranteeing the power of the Hierarchy and its freedom from any psychological problems inherent in group work and from any mystical or occult disturbances is its stability, its coherency and the surety of its touch on life. The mystic and the occultist are frequently passing through a cycle of insecurity and of transition from doubt as to the future's possible revelations, into a faith that the testimony of the ages is based on incontrovertible fact. The average mystic and occult student therefore lacks stability in his environing conditions and faith in his group affiliations. The greatest contribution to world thought at this time is the emerging recognition everywhere to be found of [625] the finiteness of man's knowledge, of the insufficiency of his accumulated wisdom to cope with the world situation, and of his inability as yet to produce that workable plan which will lead the race out of its present difficulties and impasse. Human beings are neither sure of themselves nor of each other, and the greater their sensitivity the more complex their reaction and the more complicated and disastrous the physiological and psychological effects. Humanity as a whole is becoming mystical in its orientation and consciousness. The intelligentsia of the race are adding to that mystical awareness (which is always there, even if unrecognized or repudiated) a rapidly developing sense of occult understanding.

The Atlantean consciousness of adolescent humanity is giving way to the more developed consciousness of the mature human being. The problems, difficulties, diseases and disturbances of the man who is mystically oriented, introspective and enquiring, will, during the next few centuries, give place to the problems and complexities of the man who is becoming group conscious and who is working with an extraverted awareness in a group of some kind or another. I would remind you here that - as a result of the Piscean influence during the past two thousand years - such groups are predominantly idealistic.

This brings us to one of the most interesting parts of our treatise, which is the influence of the rays today and in the Aquarian age which is now upon us. This should prove of practical value. Let us bring to the work of the new cycle which is opening before us a renewed aspiration, a deepened love and a livelier faith, remembering, as we study the future, that Faith is one of our major needs, being "the Substance of things hoped for, the Evidence of things not seen". [629]

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