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Psychology of Religion Pages

By Michael Nielsen, Ph.D. My Email Address:

Psychology of Religion Research and Teaching Exchange

A database to facilitate research and teaching in psychology of religion. Current participants include over 70 psychologists and other scholars from around the world: North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania.

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General Information and Essays

Welcome and Introduction
[The general philosophy behind these pages]

Updated September 8, 2003
[Learn what is happenning in the world of psychology and religion. Conferences, special research opportunities, and other events will be posted here!]

Religion's Role in the Terroristic Attack of September 11, 2001
[Religion was an important factor in the attack on New York City and Washington, DC. Read how religion helped motivate the hijackers, and how survivors of the attack are using religion to guide their recovery from the attack.]


Farewell to our Colleagues
[As we bid farewell to our colleagues who have died, we remember their contributions to the field.
Updated October 10, 2003, with a notice of Bruce Hunsberger's passing.]

A Perspective on Clergy Sexual Abuse
by Dr. Thomas Plante
[One of the leading experts on the sexual abuse of children by clergy speaks out on the problem.]


Integrating Spiritual Healing Approaches and Techniques into Psychotherapy
by Robert N. Sollod
[Thoughtful comments about how therapy might include spirituality]

Psychology of Religion Research and Teaching Exchange
[A database to facilitate research collaboration and the teaching of psychology of religion. Learn more about it here!]

Psychology of Religion in the USA
[A brief overview of the psychological study of religion in the USA]

The Hollow Curriculum
By Robert N. Sollod
[An essay arguing for religion in our colleges and universities. Reprinted from The Chronicle of Higher Education.]

Classic Psychological Theories of Religion
[Famous psychological views regarding religion]

Social Psychology and Religion
[Social perspectives on religion, in the context of a trip to Ukraine]

The Varieties of Religious Experience
by William James
[A copy of the classic text]

Graduate Study in Psychology of Religion
[How and where to study psychology of religion]

The Future of the Field
[Four of the field's experts discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and future]

Psychoanalysis, Psychology and Religious Faith
by Jorge W. F. Amaro
[An essay from a psychoanalytically trained psychiatrist]

Buddhism and Reality
by Thich Tam Thien
[Thoughts on reality from a Vietnamese Buddhist]

Humanitarian Resources
[Religious and secular organizations that aid people in need]


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Resources for Further Study

Films Updated Feb. 11, 2003
[Recommendations on 21 films that illustrate psychology of religion]

[Find more detailed information about psychology and religion from these excellent books]

Featured Books
[Especially noteworthy books for psychology and religion]

[Groups who study psychology and religion]

Index of Primary Journals in the Field
[Tables of contents from some of the main academic journals- Updated 28 July 2003]

List of Relevant Journals
[Additional journals devoted to psychology and religion]

Course Syllabus Collection
[Syllabi from courses on psychology and religion]

Links to Related Sites
[An extensive set of links to other sites]

E-Mail Discussion Lists
[Relevant e-mail lists for further discussions]

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New Religious Movements

Society and New Religious Movements
[A short essay on the need to balance religious values in society]

Heaven's Gate Website
[A copy of the famous website for your study]

SSSR Statement on Cults
[The main scientific organization's statement on religious cults]

Child Abuse Allegations
[An investigation of claims of abuse in a NRM]

Deprogramming Case Verdict
[The judge's decision in a fascinating "deprogramming" trial]

Scientology: Religion or racket?
[by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Univ. of Haifa]

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Science and Religion

Scientific Research, Psychology, and Religion
[How psychologists use science to study religion]

Science and Religion Discussion Archive
[Psychologists' perspectives on science and religion]