Human Relations and Citizenship
Skills for Life Success
Seminar  1 Workshop 1a:  Introduction to Human Relations
                       1b:  Developing Active Listening Skills
Seminar  2 Understanding Your Social World of Human Relations
Seminar  3 Developing Active Listening, Self-Disclosure and Feedback Skills
Seminar  4 Discovering our Gender Diversity and Sex Stereotypes
Seminar  5 Exploring How Early Relationships Affect Present Relationships
Seminar  6 Exploring Gender Diversity:  Gender Role Development
Seminar  7 Understanding Basic Personality Dynamics: Your Big "5" Traits
Seminar  8 Learning to Give Empathic Responses
Seminar  9 Exploring Personality Types, Careers and Human Relationships
Seminar 10 Understanding and Assessing Assertiveness Skills
Seminar 11 Developing Your Assertiveness Skills
Seminar 12 Understanding and Developing Conflict Management Skills
Seminar 13  Learning to "Fight Fair" in Intimate Conflicts 
Seminar 14  Diversity Workshop: Men and Women in the Workplace
Seminar 15  Cultural Diversity in the Classroom, World and in the Workplace
Seminar 16  Assessment of Mastery of People Skills
Seminar 17  Coping Skills Workshop: Dealing with Conflict, Stress and Anxiety
MIDTERM  Midterm Assessment of Seminar 1 - 17 Essays
Seminar 18  Leadership and Success:  Ratings of Personal Leadership Skills
Seminar 19  Team Dynamics and Effective Team Behavior
Seminar 20+  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Seminar 23+ Developing Your Personal Mission Statement
Seminar 24+  Seven Laws of Spiritual Success
Seminar 26+  Emotional Intelligence
Seminar 28 Reflections on Interpersonal Skill Growth and Community Celebration