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July/August 2004

Volume 68, Number 6
Theme: The Workplace

Featured Articles:

The new age of negotiation
by Linda Stamato

How no-deal options can drive great deals: When actions away from the table eclipse face-to-face negotiation
by David A. Lax
by James K. Sebenius

Negotiation is not a competitive sport
by Steven P. Cohen

Why negotiation is the most popular business school course
by Leigh Thompson
by Geoffrey J. Leonardelli

The “other” party: Getting into the mind of your negotiating counterpart
by John Gasink
by Jeff Weiss

Read my lips: Code switching in negotiation
by William A. Donohue

The bold, decisive manager: Cultivating a company of action-takers
by Heike Bruch
by Sumantra Ghoshal

A prescription for leading in cynical times
by James M. Kouzes
by Barry Posner

Making the right choice: Choosing profitable channel partners
by David Campbell

Dean Carol Stephenson on Negotiation
by Carol Stephenson


May/June 2004

Volume 68, Number 5
Theme: Governance

Featured Articles:

Reflections of a veteran director: The unsatisfactory performance of Nortel’s “distinguished” board
by Donald H. Thain

The Wall Street example: Bringing excessive executive compensation into line
by Paul Hodgson

Aligning the interests of agents and owners: An empirical examination of executive compensation
by Mark Anson
by William McGrew
by Bridgette Butler
by Theodore White

Making executive pay work
by Ray Murrill
by Mike Caputo

Managing the complex relationship between executive pay and performance
by Jeff Kozan
by Claude Boulanger

Stretch! How great companies grow in good times and bad
by Graeme Deans

Twelve years later: Understanding and realizing the value of balanced scorecards
by Nils-Göran Olve
by Carl-Johan Petri
by Jan Roy
by Sofie Roy

Executive coaching: A catalyst for personal growth and corporate change
by Murray Axmith

Collaborative environments: A dynamic tool for transforming business processes
by Michael Fontaine
by Salvatore Parise
by David Miller

From the Dean: Carol Stephenson on Executive Compensation
by Carol Stephenson

Are boards and CEOs accountable for the right level of work?
by Mark Van Clieaf


March/April 2004

Volume 68, Number 4
Theme: The Workplace

Featured Articles:

Corporate social responsibility: Why people behave badly in organizations
by Pratima Bansal
by Sonia Kandola

Connecting the dots between intentions, action and results: A comprehensive approach to ethical decision making
by Jason Lunday
by Megan Barry

Ethics or excellence? Conscience as a check on the unbalanced pursuit of organizational goals
by Kenneth E. Goodpaster

Some key questions about stakeholder theory
by Robert Phillips

“Let’s just go with it”: The perils of decision neglect
by J. Frank Yates

Public-sector corporate governance: British Columbia’s best-practices reforms
by Elizabeth Watson

The search for moral capitalism and the Holy Grail of business valuation
by Stephen B. Young

The tyranny of toxic managers: An emotional intelligence approach to dealing with difficult personalities
by Roy Lubit

Leader's Edge Update: Sumantra Ghoshal on leadership, management and good governance
by Stephen Bernhut


January/February 2004

Volume 68, Number 3
Theme: Leadership

Featured Articles:

Rebuilding trust: The integral role of leadership in fostering values, honesty and vision
by Carol Stephenson

The seven habits of spectacularly unsuccessful executives
by Sydney Finkelstein

Marketing myopia re-visited: Why every company needs to learn from the world
by Yves Doz
by José Santos
by Peter J. Williamson

Walking the talk (really!): Why visions fail
by Mark Lipton

Managing change in a world of excessive change: Counterbalancing creative destruction and creative recombination
by Eric Abrahamson

The "Bottom Line" of leaderful practice
by Joe Raelin

Handling the hurt: A critical skill for leaders
by Peter J. Frost

Whether to bet, reserve options or insure: Making certain choices in an uncertain world
by Bhaskar Chakravorti

Knowledge management as a doughnut
by Etienne Wenger