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Abraham Maslow - Maslow, Abraham Harold (1908-70) Maslow, Abraham Harold (1908-70) Psychologist, born in Brooklyn, NY. A professor at Brooklyn College (1937-51) and Brandeis University (1951-61), he is regarded as the founder of humanistic psychology
Abraham Maslow - ABRAHAM MASLOW 1908-1970 Dr. C. George Boeree Biography Abraham Harold Maslow was born April 1, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York.
Alfred Adler - The core of Adler's integrated complex of philosophy, theory, and practice was a vigorously optimistic, humanistic view of life.
Alfred Adler - Presented by Behavior Online Conversations: Henry Stein 
Albert Bandura - 1925 to Present.
The Alfred Binet Page- PsychNet-UK
Alice Miller - Includes several articles and a bibliography.
Anna Freud - (1895-1982) by Jenn Bumb of Webster University (St. Louis, MO)
Assagioli - Dr. Roberto Assagioli, founder of psychosynthesis. 
B.F. Skinner  - An American psychologist. Burrhus Frederic Skinner ws born in Sussquehanna, Pa., on March 20, 1904
Bettelheim,   Bruno - 1903-90, American psychologist; b. Austria. In the same year that he earned his Ph.D. from the Univ. of Vienna (1938)
Bruner - American psychologist. Professor of Psychology at Harvard (1952-72),
Carl Rogers - (1890-1947) Carl R. Rogers is known as the father of client-centered therapy
Carl R. Rogers - Taking a closer look. 
Charles Edward Spearman (1863-1945) - Name is almost synonymous with the term 'general intelligence' (otherwise known as psychometric 'g').
Charles Spearman (1904) - Theory of Universal Unity of the intellective function by correlating intelligence tests into the "2 Factor Theory of Intelligence." G Factor (i.e., general intelligence) comes from general electrochemical mental energy.  A Slide Show
Classical Rorschach - Devoted to the presentation and promotion of the Rorschach method, concentrating on the way it has been practiced within the classical European tradition - from Hermann Rorschach himself in 1921, via Ewald Bohm in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, and to the contemporary workers in the Rorschach-Bohm tradition.
David Hume  - The 18th century Scottish philosopher was one of the first moderns to articulate the empiricism that underlies much modern psychology.
Edward Thorndike - Edward Thorndike [th˘rn┤dIk] was an American educator and psychologist born in Williamsburg, Mass. He was a graduate from from Wesleyan University (1895) and Harvard (1896) and received his Ph.D. in 1898 from Columbia.
Edward Thorndike (1874-1949)
Edward Tolman (1886-1959) - Edward Tolman (1886-1959) Behaviourism home.  Biographies.  An American psychologist who made significant contributions to the studies of learning and motivation. Considered to be a cognitive behaviorist today, he developed his own behaviourism when the likes of Watson were dominating the field. Tolman was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1886
Franz Anton Mesmer - Founder of Mesmerism - (1734 - 1815).
Frederick Perls -- A Life Chronology
Frederic Wertham Biography - Profiles the child psychologist whose research and writings contributed to the development of the regulatory Comics Code Authority.
Frederich Wilhelm Nietzsche  - A forerunner of some 20th century psychological theorists, including Freud.
George Herbert Meade - George's Page is a web-based repository for documents by, about and related to the work of American pragmatist philosopher and social psychologist.
Hans J. Eysenck      Hans Eysenk Psychnet-UK Page
Harry Harlow - 1905 - 1981 Harry Harlow received his BA and PhD (1930) in psychology from Stanford University.
Harry Harlow - Notes on; (1905-1981)
Harry Harlow Key Theorists/Theories in Psychology - Was an American Psychologist who provided a new understanding of human behavior and development through studies of social behavior
Heinz Kohut Bibliography
Heinz Kohut - (1913-1981) Self Psychology Page - International Council for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology
Hugo Munsterberg - (1863 - 1916) Hugo Munsterberg is a pioneer in the field of Industrial Psychology (I/O) and offered many findings in the fields of experimental psychology, behaviorism, and challenged the effectiveness of eye witness testimonies
James McKeen Cattell - (1860-1944) James McKeen Cattell was very influential in psychology as an organizer, executive, and administrator of psychological science and practice, and as a vocal link between psychology and the larger scientific community
John Bowlby - No variables have more far-reaching effects on personality development than a child's experiences within the family. Starting during his first months in his relation to both parents, he builds up working models of how attachment figures are likely to behave towards him in any of a variety of situations, and on all those models are based all his expectations, and therefore all his plans, for the rest of his life.  Attachment and Loss.
John B. Watson - Watson, John B(roadus) (1878-1958) Watson, John B(roadus) (1878-1958) Psychologist, born in Greenville, SC. He studied at Chicago, and became professor of psychology at Johns Hopkins University (1908-20), where he established an animal research laboratory
John B. Watson. Dr - In 1913, Watson published a manifesto titled "Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It" which promptly changed the face of psychology. In this study, Watson reviewed the previous 'obvious' failings of introspective study and offered an alternative definition of psychology as the 'science of behavior'.
John Broadus Watson - John Broadus Watson was an American Psychologist. He was educated at Furman University and the University of Chicago, he taught later from 1903 to 1908.
Judith Rich Harris - is a writer and developmental psychologist; co-author of The Child: A Contemporary View Of Development; winner of the 1997 George A. Miller Award
Judith Rich Harris - Judith Rich Harris was born February 10, 1938, and spent the first part of her childhood moving around with her family from one part of the country to another. Her parents eventually settled in Tucson, Arizona.
Julia Kristeva - From the State University of New York at Stony Brook University Libraries West Campus.
Karl Popper - (1902-1994) Shaped the Modern Philosophy of Science
Karen Horney - Born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1885
Kinsey - The Kinsey Institute Web site supports interdisciplinary research and the study of human sexuality. The Institute was founded by Dr. Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) in 1947.
Kohlberg - Lawrence Kohlberg's ideas of moral development are based on the premise that at birth, all humans are void of morals, ethics, and honesty
Konrad Lorenz - An Austrian zoologist and ethologist. He received medical training at the Univ. of Vienna and spent two years at the medical school of Columbia Univ. He received a Ph.D. (1936).  Konrad Lorenz PsychNet-UK Page
Kurt Lewin - (1890-1947) Kurt Lewin is universally recognized as the founder of modern social psychology    Kurt Lewin Institute
Mary Whiton Calkins - (1863-1930) by Jenn Bumb of Webster University (St. Louis, MO)
Milgram, Stanley - Biography of a pioneer in psychology who is well remembered for his work with obedience to authority.
Noam Chomsky - From Philosophy. 
Pavlov - Pavlov was a Russian psychologist, whose research on digestive glands won him the Nobel Prize an led to his famous studies of the conditioned reflexes.
Ivan Petrovich PavlovWinner of the 1904 Nobel Prize in Medicine 
Piaget  - Children in Piaget's stage of moral realism believe that rules are absolute and can't be changed. Punishment should be determined by how much damage is done, and the intention of the child is not taken into account.
Plato - Plato Born: 427 BC in Athens, Greece Died: 347 BC in Athens, Greece
Jean Piaget BiographyThe Jean Piaget Archives, an amazingly short biography of the master's life. 
R.D. Laing - Psychiatrist, born in Glasgow, Strathclyde. He studied at the University of Glasgow, where he practise4d as a psychiatrist (1953-6). He joined the Tavistock Clinic in London in 1957, and the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations in 1960. 
Rorschach - Hermann Rorschach. 
Stanley Milgram - Stanley Milgram is a pioneer in psychology who is well remembered for his work with obedience to authority
Thomas S. Szasz - Thomas Szasz, Libertarian Humanist, The Abolitionist Archive. Dedicated to the life and work of Thomas S. Szasz, MD Contains information from friends and colleagues. 
Thurstone, L. L.  - L.L. Thurstone(1887-1955) Psychometrician.
Vygotsky - Culture /Cognitive Theory of Development.     Vygotsky PsychNet-Uk Page 
William James -      William James PsychNet-UK Page 
Wilhelm Reich Museum - The Wilhelm Reich Museum. Wilhelm Reich was a physician-scientist. Exhibits biographical materials, inventions, and equipment used in Reich's pioneering experiments etc.
WILHELM WUNDT (1832-1920) - Born and educated in Germany.  See Also Welcome to the Wundt Connection.
Fairbairn Bibliography - W R D Fairbairn bibliography and related readings.
Zimbardo's  Philip - Home Page - Not a biography site.