Personality Theories

Dr. C. George Boeree / Psychology Department / Shippensburg University

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This is an electronic textbook ("e-text") created for undergraduate and graduate courses in Personality Theories. While it is copyrighted, you may download it or print it out without permission from the author, as long as the material is used only for personal or educational purposes, and the source is indicated. I hope you enjoy the chapters!

To read about my own personality theory, see Perspectives Theory and Seven Perspectives.

For a full list of personality journals, see Armin Günther's list at Psych Web.

Dr. H. Berryman Edwards offers the BehaveNet Clinical Capsules:  Notable figures in behavioral health care, which include good readings lists as well as therapists not covered here.

Brent Dean Robbins has created a wonderful collection of essays on significant psychoanalytic and existential-phenomenological theorists, therapists, and writers.

Finally, for access to tons of personality research and theory, visit Dr. William Revelle's Personality Project  and Dr. Scott Acton's Great Ideas in Personality.

Table of Contents

Sigmund Freud
Anna Freud
Erik Erikson
Carl Jung
Otto Rank
Alfred Adler
Karen Horney
Albert Ellis
Erich Fromm
B. F. Skinner
Hans Eysenck and others
Albert Bandura
Gordon Allport
George Kelly
Snygg and Combs
Abraham Maslow
Carl Rogers
Ludwig Binswanger
Medard Boss
Viktor Frankl
Rollo May
Jean Piaget
Buddhist Psychology
The Ultimate Theory of Personality