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1. Flexible Working Arrangements: Implementation, Outcomes, and Management
Suzan Lewis
2. Economic Psychology 29
Erich Kirchler and Erik Ho ¨lzl
3. Sleepiness in the Workplace: Causes, Consequences, and Countermeasures 81
Autumn D.Krauss,Peter Y.Chen,Sarah DeArmond, and Bill Moorcroft
4. Research on Internet Recruiting and Testing: Current Status and Future Directions 131
Filip Lievens and Michael M.Harris
5. Workaholism: A Review of Theory, Research, and Future Directions 167
Lynley H.W.McMillan,Michael P.O ’Driscoll and Ronald J.Burke
6. Ethnic Group Differences and Measuring Cognitive Ability 191
Helen Baron,Tamsin Martin,Ashley Proud, Kirsty Weston,and Chris Elshaw
7. Implicit Knowledge and Experience in Work and Organizations 239
Andre ´Bu ¨ssing and Britta Herbig
Index 281