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Economic Freedom of the World: 2007 Annual Report Country Data Tables
This chapter presents detailed data on the component variables used in constructing the EFW index for the 141 countries included in this study.For each country,we present the overall EFW index rating and the ranking of that country for the years 1980,1985,1990,1995,2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. Like all the scores in the index, these are values out of 10; 10 is the highest possible score and zero (0) is the lowest. A higher score indicates a greater degree of economic freedom.
In the first column, titles in bold-face indicate the five areas of economic freedom that are combined to generate an overall score. The cells to their right give the scores (out of 10) or that par ticular area for each year.
Underneath each area title are the titles of the components that are combined to generate that particular area ’s score. Note that components 4Bi, 4Bii, 4Ei, and 4Eii were not included in the tables due to limited space, but can be found in the full set of data available at <>.

In these rows are the scores (out of 10) for each year for which there are data available. In parentheses beside some scores are the actual data used to derive that particular component rating.The top row under the years shows the country ’s
summary rating for each year and,in parentheses, its overal l ank.The ummary core s ounded o ne ecimal place for the country ranking.
A more complete description of each component, including the methodology used to calculate the ratings, can be found in the Appen dix 1: Explanatory Notes and Data Sources (page 183).
Values are calculated back to 1970 but data for 1970 and 1975 are omitted from the tables due to limited space.