The World Wide Evaluation Information Gateway    Another list of resources, like our evaluation site.  If you can't find it at our site, look here.

npres links to eval resources   Another very good list of links, links to guides, checklists, to other links pages.  Also fairly comprehensive.  I got some links that I use from this site.  list of sociology resources, for example, mailing lists. Some good lists are Govteval, methods and the Society for Applied Sociology list.

Openstat Free statistical programI've used this one a bit and it is comparatively easy to use.  There is also a linux version of this program, and the author is frequently updating the program.

John C. Pezzullo's list of free statistical software most comprehensive list on the web.  We got links to several of the stat packages listed on our site from Mr. Pezzullo's site, which lists a little more info.

Washington Statistical Society Methodology Seminars.  Data Presentation: A Guide To Good Graphics and Data Presentation: A Guide To Good Tables both by Marianne W. Zawitz, Bureau of Justice Statistics.  These are powerpoint presentations, can view on the web or download.  Based on Tufte's work, excellent overviews.  After you did the research, you need to know how to present the results.  This is one place to look.

HyperStat   HyperStat Online is an introductory-level hypertext statistics book.
Also links to every other on line stat books, or to every one that I could find, and to some stat jokes.

American Statistical Association and the Survey Research Methods Section (SRMS)   See especially SRMS's What is a Survey series, some of which are available on the web, as pdf files, for example, "more about mail surveys", "margin of error", and "what are focus groups".

National Coalition of Independent Scholars, see their links page    with links to lots of very interesting stuff, such as general guides to the web, general directories, specialized directories, full length electronic texts (including reference books), writing guides, copywrite info, other stuff.....

Canadian Evaluation Society Project in Support of Advocacy and Professional Development    a project to develop answers to these questions  "How can program evaluation help my organization?"  "What exactly do program evaluators do, anyway?"  "What skills and knowledge do I need to succeed as an evaluator?"