Re-Install Windows98 without Formatting.

Before you begin make sure to backup all your necessary files. This includes all your hardware drivers, personal files, and browser files.

First, you need to create a Startup Disk. (boot floppy) To do so go to Start / Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / Startup Disk Tab and follow the prompts:

Next, test your boot floppy to see if it will operate your CD drive.
Put your floppy in and re-boot, you'll get to an A:\> prompt then put Windows 98 CD disk in it's drive and type "D:/dir " (without the quotes) and if you can see a list of files and folders then and ONLY then you’re ready to go forward. You should see something like this:

Now you’re ready to go. Boot your computer with the Startup floppy and put your Windows cd in the drive.
Next, you'll delete your operating system. Assuming you've booted with your start-up floppy and are at the A:\> prompt, type these in order pressing Enter after each one:

c:\windows\command\attrib s r h c:\*.*

del c:\*.*

c:\windows\command\deltree c:\windows

Next, you'll need to reinstall Windows. Again at the A:\> prompt type d:setup (assuming your CD drive is D:) and follow the menu.

Now on to the time consuming part, setting the screen resolution and basically re-enter the settings you want as needed. Don't restore your entire Windows folder (if you backed it up), the whole point of this procedure is to get rid of the garbage, keep it around for a couple of weeks -- just in case you need to restore a certain file. Now, test each program by launching it to see if it works. NOTE: Some programs are stand alone apps. and some aren't. You have to understand that some of them will not launch without pieces that were in the old Windows folder before you deleted it and you'll have to reinstall it.