Tre freeware che difendono la tua privacy ovunque nel mondo (da una chiavetta USB o dall'Ipod)
A portable security suite to protect you while using different computers. Includes a virus scanner, secure web browser, and secure e-mail clients. Secure web browser has feature to hide your web browsing patterns from anyone tapping your web connection. In the future, will have file encryption to hide and password protect sensitive files. Right now it’s based on work done by John T. Haller at

* Protect your computer from viruses with a security enhanced version of Firefox
* Visit sites that are blocked by your school/employer/government
* Hide your internet actions with Tor
* Encrypt personal emails with GPG
* Scan your computer with portable built in Antivirus software
* Runs from any portable media - iPod, USB key, Digital Camera…
* It’s FREE and Open Source!

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