- Shows Header or Body source text
(right click a messege in the list and choose 'Show Source')
- Now scans up to 500 lines.
- Lists all attached files found in scanned lines
- Executable attachments in info box are red marked
- works faster
- Reply to messages with saved templates
- Prints previews (option to print new messages automatically).
- Cancel/Stop mail check process
- Up to 9 different global daily check times.
- Collects clickable links from message for direct access.
- Resize window and save position/size for next start.
- An individual setting for each windows log-on user
- Improved Anti-Spam filter And more...

The stream of E-Mails which arrive on your computer, is uncontrolled, reduces your Hard disk storage space and poses a very real DANGER of infecting your computer with VIRUSES!

With AvirMail you can preview all incoming E-Mails while they are still on the Server and before you download to your computer.
With AvirMail you can manage all E-Mails. This means you can read each E-Mail, print it, filter it in the way you want to, immediately answer it and even delete it - all of this while it is still on the Server and before it is downloaded into your computer.
You can download all acceptable E-Mails to your hard disk using your favorite Mail Client - as usual!
With AvirMail you get a great front-end for the incoming Mail activities:

Up to 100 lines can be displayed as preview, so that you can see what the received E-Mail is about.
Checks for all new e-Mails in selectable interval and from different Mail accounts.
Shows the size, the subject, the sender, the recipient indication and whether attachments were transmitted.
The anti-Spam feature uses a powerful filter engine, with which you can define whether the received e-Mail should be pre-selected or even automatically deleted, if they fulfil your criteria, as for the sender indication, the recipient indication, the subject, certain key words, the Return Path or when it has an attachment. Also file name of the first attachment could be a criteria..
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