WanyWord v. 4.00

TextSearcher with BOOLEAN and NEAR Operators - ANSI/OEM conversion

Edits found files and can be used as a cardfiler

You can (so far) choose between Brazilian, Danish and English plus a partial German translation. More is hopefully coming.You can write your own user interface (that is why I am hopeful).

WanyWord Is Freeware

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Download the English Version 4.00. The Visual C++ source code is included.
Download the older WanyWord 3.00. The Visual C source code is included.

WanyWord's PAD file

Who needs WanyWord and why?

If you merely need to search for two words or word combinations within a few files or directories, you don't need WanyWord. Windows 9x built-in search program will do the job.  But if this is not enough, if you must find not just the haystack but also the needle in it and want to search for words within a sentence, a line or a page, WanyWord is is all you need (but read about the COMPETITORS).
you want to study the Bible or Shakespeare, there are CD-ROMs with search programs. But those programs can only be used for the text(s) on those CD-ROMs. WanyWord can be used for any text anywhere and by anybody. There are no copyright problems. Schools and libraries with small or nonexistent budgets may therefore find it of interest.
Also if the database program you use to store odds and ends is not quite what you want, WanyWord is worth a look. A number of freeform database programs can store odds and ends, the problem is that they assume that you think and work like the programmers who wrote them. If you do, look no further, you are in luck. If not, WanyWord may be what you need, for WanyWord does not assume anything about your little grey cells or your work habits. It simply assumes that there is text (preferably ASCII) and that it is found in a file, in a page, in a line or within a sentence. WanyWord can find text within any kind of file (except ZIP files and other compressed files), but it can only show ASCII, RTF and HTM text and it can show only text. It is however possible to start an appropiate viewer/editor from within WanyWord and WanyWord understands OLE.
I have been informed by a user that WanyWord displays files in Unix as well as DOS format, but I have not seen it with my own eyes. UNIX End-of-Lines are different from those in DOS and Windows, so there must be some problems.

Who does not need WanyWord and why
WanyWord is totally literal minded. If there is a line feed in the middle of a searched for text then that text will not be found because the line feed characters (in Windows ASCII 013,010) have not been written in the search string. For most people this is not a problem. But if you need to search in old DOS texts where often every line ends with a line feed or if you make your living by programming home pages, you should keep this problem in mind.

WanyWord can be used as a cardfiler. It has a TXT/RTF editor which understands OLE and which can sort words, lines and pages. It also has recursive search/replace. You can search for characters that are not on the keyboard (including page breaks and EOLs) and you can replace them if you wish. There is very strong sorting, you can define the sort order if you do not like Microsoft's way of doing things. And there is a built-in browser which uses Microsoft technology which is both good news and bad news.

Download the English Version 4.00

E-mail me about bugs please. And if you find a way of putting WanyWord to good use I hope to hear from you, especially if you go to school or teach school or if you work in a library.

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