Search the internet for Media and Information in Real-Time!

Find media and information in Real-Time!

  • Integrated Microsoft Web Browser and Media/Video Player.
  • Search for text, videos, pictures, files, and more in Real-Time.
  • Simple to use filtering of results.
  • Browse previous search sessions offline.
  • View URL hierarchy in real-time.
  • Multiple file download/export.
  • Access web-database of user recommended start sites.
  • HTML cache option.
  • Export target lists to html, text or database files.
  • Anyone can use the opXi Spider. All you need to do is to type in the name of the website you want to search and the opXi Spider starts scanning the site in real-time. You can tell the spider what types of files or documents you are looking for by specifying keywords or file types. When opXi finds something that you are looking it reports it in real-time in the target list. Any targets that are reported can be view, launched or saved in real-time by the click of a mouse button.

    Save Time

    By using the opXi Spider you can save huge amounts of time. Instead of searching manually for videos or documents you simply let the opXi Spider do it for you. opXi Spider can for instance easily find all videos that exists on a particular web site or any site that is linked from it. You can set restrictions to only look within the limits of a specified website or you can let it roam free and follow any external links that it finds.

    Some searches yields 20,000 video clips or more in a matter of hours.

    Integrated Web Browser and Media/Video Player

    opXi has integrated the Microsoft Web Browser and Media Player into the user interface. You can seamlessly view and browse any videos or document types that are supported by the Microsoft browser and media player.

    Banned List

    opXi has a user defined Banned List.  In this list you can specify url's or parts of url's that you want to exclude from the spider session. This can be very useful to avoid wasting time by spidering sites that you know wont contain any information or files that you are looking for.

    User recommended sessions

    You can easily browse start addresses/session that have been suggested by other users from within the opXi Spider. Simply select the recommended session that you are interested in opXi will automatically start the search. You can also easily recommend sessions to other users.

    Access Database

    All the data that opXi collects is stored in a fully searchable JET 4.0 Access database file. The enhanced-version is also compliant with ODBC.

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