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Welcome to Searchmaze: Your Personal Search Engine
Searchmaze is a search service aimed at improving your online productivity. You'll Get:

A Personal Search Engine Searchmaze automatically creates a personalized search engine for you. This contains the pages you've vistited before or manually added. No more lost time trying to relocate webpages you know are out there!

The results from your 'known web' are combined with search results from your favorite regular search engine

A customizable Search Engine Toolbar, like having Google, MSN, and Yahoo Toolbar all rolled into one, plus .... One-click access to search results from over 150 top sites ranging from Amazon to Ebay to more than 20 categories of searchable resources.

The Toolbar also allows you to control your personal search engine, store and rate new sites or add comments to web pages.

A Personal Start Page that contains everything you want in a start page. Direct links to your most used sites and web pages, automatic favorite lists, an RSS news reader and of course a nice big search box for the search engine of your choice.

Internet Explorer Plug in     New: FireFox Plugin

The Searchmaze Toolbar also has a great Pop up Blocker, it allows you to highlight or jump to words on a webpage, plus it has links to all sorts of tools like dictionaries, WHOIS information, archived pages, translations and more! Download Now!